Yummers or Bummers #3 – Chicken and Rice (NYC Street Cart Style)

chicken and rice

You can watch the video here!

Yummers or Bummers #3 recipe can be found here.

I love chicken and rice and this recipe is definitely up my alley. 😀

This recipe might be daunting since it has 3 components but it is not that hard at all. It is really good and we ate this for 2 days, for lunch and dinner.

My verdict: Yummers!!!

Slight changes I made and substitutions:

  • I used more garlic than the recipe calls for
  • I used Icelandic yogurt instead of regular/normal yogurt
  • I used white Balsamic vinegar instead of Apple Cider Vinegar

BTW, I am using a new video editing software so the audio is way better than my past videos. 🙂

And here’s the expectation vs. reality photo

expectation vs. reality

If you have any question/s, feel free to ask me anytime. 🙂

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