Yummers or Bummers #2 – Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes


You can watch the video here

My Yummers or Bummers #2 recipe can be found here:

I love cinnamon and brown sugar, and this looks like Poni and I will both like it. Since he loves the cinnamon rolls from Ikea. This kind of reminds me of those cinnamon rolls.

Ingredients-wise, everything is easily accessible. I actually have all the ingredients in our kitchen so no need to buy anything special.

The swirling looks easier than done. I don’t have any icing bags so I used a small plastic bag instead. But I think it’ll be easier if I used an icing bag. But other than that it’s all good.

My verdict: Yummers!!!

I try to choose something healthy to try whenever I see these short videos online mostly on FB. The majority of them though are kind of unhealthy. I am not a health nut or anything but at the same time, I don’t want to eat too much junk.

If you have any recipes that you would like to see me try and make a video out of just share them in the comments section below! 😀

cinnamon pancakes

This is how my first try looked like


2nd try

cinnamon pancake

Kind of satisfied 😀

One thing that I didn’t follow from the recipe is the sugar glaze that you drizzle on the top of the pancakes. I find it sweet already and if I add that it’ll be way sweet for my taste. It didn’t make a difference though since it tasted good without it.

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