Female Scarf

Winter Looming

Yesterday, on my stream I’ve started knitting a scarf using a knitting loom. That was my 2nd time using a knitting loom. I’ve already knitted a scarf for Poni late last year.

Male Scarf

Poni’s Scarf

My knitting loom has 24 pegs (I think). I only used 12 pegs for this one. Looking at it now, how I wish I used 8. The scarf that I’m knitting right now is for myself. I used 8 pegs for this one, and I think I’ll be able to finish it tonight. The first scarf took me more than 2 weeks since, I work on it on & off. But this piece for me, I want to finish it before Friday. All my calligraphy stuff have arrived, but before I delve into that I want to finish knitting the scarf first.

I started knitting my scarf yesterday, and last night I’ve worked on it for 2-3 hours, and a bit today and hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow. I used 8 pegs, because I want it to look long and grunge-y in a way.

Female Scarf

This is the scarf that I’ve started knitting on stream yesterday

I think, I’ll get more wool/yarn in the store tonight, because I am inspired to knit/loom more scarves! 😀 I am also planning to get round knitting looms and try knitting beanies and socks.

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