Wedding of The Year


Do I need to say more? 😀

This happened yesterday on my stream. A love team has been formed. 🙂 Niko and Keala are 2 of my regular viewers on Twitch. I have to say they’re both really nice people and I find this “love team” formation: fun, cute and really nice.

Does this have a future in real life? Who knows, right? 😉 But I have to say, it does have some real potential. 😀

For my Thursday stream, I will be playing live mode. The wedding will take place and my whole stream will be dedicated for this love story made in the Sims 4 world. 😉 I encourage everyone (specially the parties involved) to be proactive with the decision making that’ll be necessary for the story progress. 😀 And all in all how will this love story unfold. 🙂 🙂 So much smileys on this post. 😀

I’ll be making sim-versions of Niko & Keala, and I’ll just download a ready made starter home but I’ll go all out with the wedding furnishings for the venue. I think, it’ll be most likely a garden wedding. 🙂

I’m excited for this to happen! 🙂

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