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I think the more appropriate title for this post is: “How Rollo Pissed Me Off So Bad?!”

After Game of Thrones, I was quite hesitant to watch Vikings. We’ve been watching Vikings since it started. I am not really into epic, fantasy, costume clad-series or movies. But I was having Sons of Anarchy withdrawals since the series ended. I noticed that Ragnar looks like Jax. Not anymore when he shaved his hair. So, I ended up really liking Rollo. He’s my favorite there, Floki comes in second. The actor who plays Floki is such a good actor. I always wonder what Floki is taking, he’s just so out there.




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source: History Channel

We started watching Season 4, and Rollo pissed the shit out of me! Do you ever get the feeling that a character from a series or a movie annoys you? I know, it only means that the actor is really good and effective. The beginning of season 4 was a bit dragging for me. I was like, I don’t want to watch this anymore. But Björn’s side story was quite interesting. It got interesting for me when the Vikings are planning to go back to Paris.


source: History Channel

2 Things I Don’t Care About the Vikings Season 4 Plot:

  1. Wessex Story
  2. Paris Story

Don’t get me started with that useless pilgrimage with Ecbert’s son and grandson. But do get me started with the boat lifting and Floki’s contraptions 😀

I just want some good old Vikings’ story. 😀

I was holding on the slightest hope that Rollo is playing a long con of some sort. But yeah, how can he be so freakin’ shallow? I know, he’s tired of always being behind Ragnar’s shadow but are you willing to kill your own nephews and your people just because of that? An arranged wife that hates you so much and excuse my word, only started liking you because of the way you plowed her. Rollo, you disappointed me. 😀 He looks ridiculous with his soft curls that frames his face (actually, no. I’m just bitter 😀 )And how did he learned french in a day? Unreasonable, Rollo!


source: History Channel


This is my favorite line from this season:

“I hate my uncle.” – Björn Ironside 

But it is nice to see all of Ragnar’s sons all grown up.

ragnar's sons


I don’t believe that Magnus is Ragnar’s son, but who knows, his DNA can’t be tested. 😀

So, definitely looking forward to Season 5. By the way, the Kalf that Lagertha killed looks quite good too. 🙂



Rant over 😀

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