Karoline's Outfits

Ultimate Housemates #25

Here are my viewers’ Sims I created last 25. October 2015:

1. Jakegomes01
He requested for a Sim version of his friend.

Nic's Clothes

2. The_ender_dragon_is_boss

E's Outfits

3. Kvroline

Karoline's Outfits

4. Meganfab4life

Meg's Clothes

5. Redgiepoppy1234

Red's Clothes

6. Theminecraftjag337
He gave me a vague description, so I just followed my instincts and worked with what I have 🙂

Mine's Clothes

7. rainbowmurder2

Rain's Outfits

8. Kejserlskerlady1

C's Outfits

I had fun creating these viewer-Sims because I like creating female Sims. 😀

All Sims are downloadable from the Sims Gallery: MalayaGH

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