Jill's Outfits

Ultimate Housemates #23

I have some backlog with my Viewers’ Sims, since I’ve missed one Sunday streaming. I think, that was October 04. So bear with me, while I get through my backlog. Rest assured, everyone’s Sim will be created. Regardless of you’ll be there to watch my stream, or if I’ll never see you again. I create viewers’ Sims with a passion, making sure that they look good and something that the viewer will be proud of. That’s why I don’t appreciate it, when a totally new viewer goes to my stream and be demanding. That’s not cool.

That’s why, I’m blogging about my viewers’ Sims, just in case they don’t have The Sims or did not see my stream, they’ll be able to see their Sims with all their outfits. 🙂

Here are the ones I created last Sunday, October 11, 2015:

1. Babyeddy9

Eddy's Outfits

2. ConnorZalokar

Connor's Outfits

3. Faith_Julia

Julia's Clothes

4. BradBeast

Brad's Outfits

5. isaacplaysgames

Isaac's Outfits

6. Street_Bunneh

Bunneh's Outfits

7. jill_the_ripper

Jill wanted her Sim to have dreadlocks, but since there’s nothing like that, I’ve just chosen something close to it. Let’s just imagine that the Sim has dreadlocks. 😀 I gave her a fairy costume for her party outfit, for the whimsical part of her description. 🙂

Jill's Outfits

8. okubi0

Oku Outfits

All Sims are downloadable from the gallery: MalayaGH

From now on, I’ll only be entertaining Sim requests that came from the comment section to the link that I’m sharing to people who want to request for a sim and via my contact form. Anything else, I won’t entertain. Since, it makes it super messy for me.

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