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Ultimate Housemates #21

Last Sunday, my chat was super busy. Sundays are my Create My Viewers as Sims Day, and normally I’m able to finish a household (8 Sims) during my Sunday streams. But since it was really busy last Sunday I was only able to finish 6 and have finished the other 2 viewer Sims off stream. I usually stream 4 hours every weekend, but I changed it to give way for Quiplash Sunday. 🙂

So here are my viewers’ Sims I created last Sunday (20. Sept. 2015):

1. GirlyGamerll
This is the 3rd Sim I created for her. This time she wants an Elsa Sim. I made it a modern-day Elsa. Like how she will look like if she’s a normal girl (not a queen).

Queen Elsa

2. Smurfinaa


3. Laura
I don’t know what her Twitch name is. This is what she wants her Sim to look like: girl, sexy, good hair. Here’s my interpretation: 😀


4. CuteNinjaGamer_101

Pink Hair

5. Butterfly735

Orange Sim

6. Taylor7044

Taylor's Sim

7. CyndaquilMouse
I had fun creating this one. 🙂

Pretty Sim

8. PJLol2010

Pj's Sim

All Sims can be downloaded from the gallery. My EA Account ID: MalayaGH

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