Madison's outfits

Ultimate Housemates #20

Here are my viewers that I created as Sims last 06. Sept. 2015:

1. Iloveminecraftyeah

TM's Outfits

2. MermaidFriendly

Brianna's outfits

3. SweetasSyger

Devon's Outfits

4. Merkess

Merkess' Outfits

5. Spacedisco

I have to say, she has a very cute “resting “bizz” face”. 😀

Madison's outfits

6. CreatorReggie

Reggie's outfits

7. Smileforeverx

SF's outfits

If you want to download your Sim, my gallery name is: MalayaGH


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  1. Lindy says:

    OMG my last name is Hoffman too!!! Its lindyloo and I want my sim to have blonde hair,green eyes, fair skin, cute clothes and I do like Beanies so maybe for one a Beanie! Sleep: one piece long shirt with animal slippers! SWIM: Bikini and aviators: ) that’s about as much as I can think of!! Thank you and happy Sunday!!

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