Ginger's Alien

Ultimate Housemates #19

Here are the viewers’ Sims I created last Sunday (30. Aug. 2015):

1. Ginger2Spice04
She requested for an Alien Sim

Ginger's Alien

2. RoxySwirll

Roxy's Outfits

3. LittleKittie5678

Kittie's Outfits

4. xXSimplicityXxx

Simplicity's Outfits

5. Cookied0g

Cookie's Outfits

6. Toycollectorfin

Fin's Outfits

7. Jakegomes2001

Jake's Outfits

8. Sofie875

Sofie's Outfits

There you go! If you want to download/use your Sim my gallery name is: MalayaGH

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