Toby's Outfits

Ultimate Housemates #18

Here’s the part 2 of my viewers as Sims last 23. August. 2015 🙂

It’s just pure coincidence that everyone’s favorite color is red. I was actually kind of challenged to create their Sims because I have to somehow individualise each of their outfits. But…I still had fun creating their Sims. 🙂

There are only 4 people in this household, all male Sims and according to one of my viewers, Micem_ they kind of look like a boyband. 🙂

1. BradleyBall

Bradley's Outfits

2. RedPlumbobGames

Toby's Outfits

3. Troy_804

Troy's Outfits

4. Soulboyx3

Soul's Outfits

There you go! Ultimate Housemates #18 🙂

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