Ginger's Sim

Ultimate Housemates #14

I’ve been Creating my Viewers as Sims every Sunday ever since I started streaming. Here’s my 14th household. I decided to post all of the outfits in a blog post that is dedicated for the household, because not everyone has the game. And when I show them their Sims in the gallery it doesn’t show all of the outfits I chose for their Sims. So here’s my first household post.

1. Ginger
Ginger's Sim

2. SmoothieKingCool
Smoothie's Sim

3. ss_sammy
Sammy's Sim

4. Carinah
Carina's Sim

5. Sheelahdhd
Sheelah's Sim

6. howdy_simmer
Howdy's Sim

7. Ic3Br3ak3r
IceBreaker's Sim

8. Lucky3306
Lucky's Sim

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