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The Sims 4 (City Living): The West-Mangio Family

The West-Mangio is a family of 3 living in the “rich” parts of San Myshuno. Vivienne West is a widower. Her husband Gabriel West is a powerful and influential politician before he passed away. They have a daughter, Etienne West, who upon reaching legal age had her birth name legally changed to Morticia Fawn West.

The West Family never had any financial problems, they live a life of excess and sophistication. Though rich and influential they remain to be good people. But behind closed doors, there is drama brewing in their chic and high-end penthouse.

Morticia Fawn eloped with her short time boyfriend, Vito Mangio.  Vito is not someone Vivienne wants her daughter to end up with. Vivienne wants someone who’s driven, comes from an influential family like hers and ambitious. Not ready to give up her excessive lifestyle and Vito not able to afford that kind of lifestyle, they decided that the best thing to do is to live with Vivienne.

Vivienne and Gabriel have pretty much bankrolled Morticia Fawn’s lifestyle. But this time Vivienne, took back the penthouse they gifted Morticia and were forced to either do it on their own or live with her.

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Vivienne West

Vivienne West is an elder. She’s also a very successful politician and is highly considering retiring. She desperately wants to have some grandchildren but is hesitant since she doesn’t have a good relationship with his son-in-law.

She loves art, fine wines, luxury branded wrist watches, and her favorite color is black.

She’s dating on and off but her main focus is her career and is not really ready to get emotionally invested with someone who is mediocre or inferior.

She definitely adores her daughter Morticia but wishes that she finally makes up her mind on what she really wants to do in her life. And if Vito Mangio is just a “phase” in her life, Vivienne cannot wait for her to get tired of him.

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Morticia Fawn West-Mangio

Born Etienne West, Morticia had her birth name legally change as soon as she turned 21. She would’ve done it sooner but her parents are totally against it. According to her, she changed her name because she wants to step out from her parents’ reputation and be her own creative self.

Morticia Fawn dabbles in everything. Having a reputation of being a “trust fund baby”, rich socialite and someone who has “phases” in her life, no one has high expectations of her. And she’s trying hard to find her “calling” and is striving to be a successful Art Critic. Being exposed to expensive and fine arts all her life, she thinks that she will be a success on this recent endeavor of hers.

She is a young adult who likes to experiment with her hair and fashion. She recently had an afro perm because she feels that this will complete her art critic look and has an expensive closet. Her favorite color is navy blue and is an avid collector of Moschino clothing.  She graduated her Art History course with high honors which really made Vivienne happy.

She met Vito Mangio in an Art Haus party. And saw each other non-stop after that. She believes that they have a spiritual connection because she barely knows him when they decided to elope.

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Vito Mangio

Is a young adult who has a hot temper, loves to take things on the “down-low” but is a successful professional gamer. Not a lot of people know that he is a professional gamer, not even his new wife Morticia. He’s afraid that his mother-in-law will dislike him more if they find out.

Vito is estranged from his family. A secret that he’s not comfortable sharing with his new wife. He came from a famous Italian mob family. He slightly changed his name to avoid being recognized and to avoid questions if he’s related to the famous mob family. Because it is something that he is not proud of. He didn’t want to continue the “family business” so he chose a different lifestyle.

Penny-less, Vito left his rich family and worked different jobs. See those freckles on his face? They are tattooed. He also underwent some “surgical enhancements” to avoid being recognized. The enhancements were done when he was able to save up some money he earned from various odd jobs he took.

He loves competitive online gaming, jalapenos, and mama’s meatballs. He deeply cares for his wife but not sure if he sees himself having children with her.

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Now, let’s see how the drama will unfold in the West-Mangio household. 😀


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