The Love Nest / The Shed

The wedding invitation came first before the engagement. The first kiss happened on the 1st attempt, so is the wedding proposal. This is indeed a match made in heaven. 🙂

first kiss

The First Kiss & The Proposal

The wedding have happened. The wedding party was a success (according to the game) 😀 Keala and Niko are now married. The wedding theme is pink & white.


Best Wishes to the Newlyweds!

The wedding altar and reception is decorated with lots of flowers and pink & white items, it looked ethereal, soft & sweet. The wedding venue is divided into 3 parts: the buffet/reception area, the wedding arch and the dance floor.


The Newlyweds had their honeymoon at Granite Falls. They hiked, roasted marshmallows on the campfire, played, relax and tried for a baby. It was a success. Keala is expecting! 🙂


After the honeymoon, some issues have arose…Constance Purdy came along. She’s a teenager who have been eyeing Niko since Niko’s & Keala’s 1st date. She have been calling Niko, “non-stop” and wanting to hang out with him. Of course, that didn’t sit well with the wife. So, Keala came up with a plan: Operation Build-A-Shed

Keala have convinced Niko that it’s totally fine with her that she invites Constance over to hang-out at their house. “The Shed” has been built. Keala’s reason for the shed is that she wants to start gardening. The shed will be the perfect place for her gardening tools and maybe also some of Niko’s tools (if he has any). “The Shed” seems harmless. After all, it’s just a shed, right? 😉 But underneath, is a jail cell, with just the bare necessities (toilet, sink, bed). There were some additions made, like a fridge, table & a chair. Outside the jail cell there’s an exam bed, surgical table and surveillance camera all over. Who really knows what are those for? Only Keala can tell.

Keala doesn’t want Constance to die. She’s just teaching her a lesson. A very valuable lesson…

Jail cell

Constance Purdy looked for trouble

Moving along…Niko & Keala have 2 wonderful children. A daughter named Neala and a son Atticus. Their children are adorable and equally both got traits from their parents.

Baby Neala & Baby Atticus

Baby Neala & Baby Atticus


Niko bonding with his daughter-Neala and baby Atticus being born in the hospital

Niko has recently found work in the fitness world and also has recently celebrated his birthday. Keala is working on her writing skills, so she can be a stay-at-home mom with a career while tending to her captives. Neala just turned into a teenager (separate post for these events).

The Ostrovsky Family:
Niko*, Keala*, Neala & Atticus

*Niko & Keala (as you all know by now) are 2 of my regular viewers (tm30 & Thedeepandlovelydark) a.k.a. #Kiko

Blogger’s Note/s:

As you all know, I am not into “live mode”, specially when I stream. I get easily bored. This particular game play, I am really having fun with. And if I survived a whole stream (3 hours) playing “live mode” then I have to consider it a success. 😀

How was #Kiko formed? I’m not sure anymore. 😀 I have to say that I have the BEST viewers/followers ever. They have colourful/creative imaginations like I do. “The Shed” is Klaudia’s idea (one of my regular and favorite viewers). The abduction is Keala’s, Wolfie’s and Klaudia’s idea, I think. It’s all a collaborative effort. I’ve encouraged everyone watching my stream to be a part of the gameplay, they can give me ideas or tell me what the Sims should do next. I find it really fun & entertaining. I know some of my regular viewers & regular lurkers are surprised that I’m playing “live mode”. I think, it’s all good. I was working on a soap opera family that I’ll play once a week and #Kiko happened. 😀 I think, this is good practice once I start playing “live mode” with my soap opera family.

The formation of this love team and plot are all spur of the moment and were not planned before hand.

Also, on my next post will be Constance’s journal entries, written by Wolfie. 🙂

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