The Quotes

screen caps
This is the complete quote list from my Twitch streams. I want to say thank you to my wonderful mods Charles, Keala, Tobs, Divs & Wolfieeeeee who have quoted all these. ? Giggling and laughing the whole time while collating all these. Brought back so many good memories! 0. "Cause it's free, and I'm all about that free stuff!" -Malaya…read more


busy bee
I am back and hopefully I can stick with this for the nth time. :D There are so many things that have been going on in my life right now. First off, I do miss all the people I met and I get to talk to everyday on my streams on Twitch. And speaking of that, I am still not…read more

Winter Looming

Female Scarf
Yesterday, on my stream I've started knitting a scarf using a knitting loom. That was my 2nd time using a knitting loom. I've already knitted a scarf for Poni late last year. My knitting loom has 24 pegs (I think). I only used 12 pegs for this one. Looking at it now, how I wish I used 8. The scarf…read more

A Special Twitch Friend

Christmas Tree
Charles!!! I've met Charles when I just started streaming on Twitch, around June 2015. He's a really nice person and as I've gotten to know him, he is also a very good family man, a voracious gamer and a Lego collector plus more! :D I love sending and receiving snail mails. I've sent him a birthday card and a postcard…read more