the sims


What I Googled The Past Few Days

spicy noodles
I got the idea to write this post from someone on my stream. It reminded me of Casey Anthony searching for chloroform and some other incriminating things. It made me think what have I been really been googling online the past days/week. So here they are. I didn't skip any. This is really it. Yes, I am a dweeb! *These…read more
My Viewers as Sims

Ultimate Housemates #18

Toby's Outfits
Here's the part 2 of my viewers as Sims last 23. August. 2015 :) It's just pure coincidence that everyone's favorite color is red. I was actually kind of challenged to create their Sims because I have to somehow individualise each of their outfits. But...I still had fun creating their Sims. :) There are only 4 people in this household,…read more