The Quotes

screen caps
This is the complete quote list from my Twitch streams. I want to say thank you to my wonderful mods Charles, Keala, Tobs, Divs & Wolfieeeeee who have quoted all these. ? Giggling and laughing the whole time while collating all these. Brought back so many good memories! 0. "Cause it's free, and I'm all about that free stuff!" -Malaya…read more
My Viewers' Rooms

Rooms for My Viewers #12

Lindy's room
Here are my viewers' room I've built last 31. October & 01. November 2015: 38. Flawless_Star A bedroom/study room with comfortable colors. A room fit for an artist. I am not sure, if I used the right colors for this one. In my perspective, comfortable colors are neutral hues, beige, creams, colors that are easy on the eyes. I don't…read more
Sims Backstories

Aliens with Backstories

Alien Poni
I've created this household on one of my streams some time around end of June. These Sim-aliens don't really have backstories. :D I don't how, it came out like this. These alien-Sims are based off on some of my regular viewers on Twitch, myself and Poni included. Before I delve into their "backstories", I have to say that they're completely…read more

My 24-Hour Twitch Stream

My 24-hour Twitch stream, will be tomorrow Saturday, July 11 2015! Last 08. July 2015, marked my 1st whole month of streaming at Twitch. During that first month, I had a 100 followers-giveaway. Now, I have more than 400 followers and more than 3,000 views. I'm pretty happy about that. But more than the followers and views, I'm very happy…read more