serious beef

“Squashing The Beef” Part 3

That evening, we quietly ate dinner. And just waiting for my dad to get back home from work. It was uncomfortable silence. I really feel like it was my fault. I know my brother, would’ve not join the teasing back if I did not do it. But as a child, these are the major problems one could have.

I don’t remember anymore, if we waited for my dad. I think we fell asleep. My mom would’ve most likely waited up for him, waited for him to finished eating dinner then told him about what happened. The next day, I went outside our house and saw the dents on the metal things on our fence, some rocks, basically the aftermath of what happened the previous day.

The rocks were a bit smaller than this one :D

The rocks were a bit smaller than this one 😀

My dad had a talk with them, J and their grandma. I think he apologized to my dad, but they didn’t really personally apologized to my mom. After that incident, there was animosity that you can feel in the air, but there was no interaction with them anymore at least with us. They avoided eye contact. Except for their grandma, we still do the “respect thing”, the hand on the forehead thing that we do in the Philippines to show respect to elders. And she still occasionally ask favors from my parents. And we still talk to their cousins and J’s new girlfriend who was really nice.

The respect thing :)

The respect thing 🙂

Years, after that everything went back to normal. The compound got repossessed by the bank and everyone who lived there has to move. We grew up, we don’t play on the street anymore. So they moved. Years after that we heard that their grandma passed away. My parents went to her wake. And that was it. Never heard anything about them.


*Not the actual house 😀

Fast forward to 3-4 years ago. I live in Germany, and I went to the Philippines for my annual visit. My sister was there and also my brother.

My mom told us something.
Mama: Do you remember B?
One of Us: Of course! How could we forget about that jerk?!
Mama: the dude who picks up our trash he knows him personally. He asked if I’m going to vote for the local election and to vote for B, because he’s running for district councilor.

In an over exaggerated reaction, my sister and I were like, “what?!! No WAY!!!!” What are his capabilities?! No WAY!!!

say what

My mom told Jigs (our garbage collector) what B did to us. There’s no way he’ll get any votes from this household that’s what my mom said. Obviously, Jigs was surprised, but he said that he changed and he’s helping them. My mom said, for sure he changed, it was more than a decade, he was a teenager, a lot of things changed.

But in my spiteful ways, I was to the roof with emotions. I was saying, a bunch of stuff, my sister too, my brother laughing like, “that bozo running for a seat”. 😀 There’s a small voice inside me saying, that do I really know this dude for saying all that stuff. For sure, yeah he did us wrong. But I guess there was never a closure, he didn’t apologize to us personally. He was the one who said nasty things to us, bullied us and never apologized to us. So I guess, in a way I can’t help but be awful towards the idea of him running.

Fast forward to recently. I had closure in the most unlikely way. The “beef” is now squashed. 😀 If you watch “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” you know what squashing a beef is like.

serious beef

We’re getting nearer! Last part will be posted tomorrow…:)

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