beef squash

“Squashing The Beef” Part 2

The chant is about him pooping in the middle of the street and his poop is smelly, in kapampangan (our mother tongue)(how stupid is this chant?) 😀 But I guess, if 7-8 kids chanted this non-stop it will get to you. Then he told his sister that we are teasing him, we told her: your brother was first! And how old are you? I think L, was in her early twenties and B is in his late teens. L said, “then you go home and tell your parents about this when it’s your fault!” We said: “He said, he’s got a knife and stab us or something. He was first! We were just playing.” How stupid was that?

There was 1 or 2 times where in my dad talked to them peacefully like a proper conversation, and asked them to stop. Well, I guess they did lay-lowed for a bit, then be mean again.

After that, we felt like wow we did it! We’ll just chant again once he bullies us. So yeah, that chant gets him. Even when my cousin left, we were able to defend ourselves by chanting. And my cousin told us that we should not be scared of him, and just call his ass out. But the effect of the chant eventually faded. 😀

There was one incident, when it got out of control. B never hurt us physically, he doesn’t go near us. But there was one time, when he really went where we are and started bullying us, so I ran home and told my dad, he’s there on our faces and being mean. When he found out that I told my dad, he went home, of course. My dad, has had it. He went outside, stormed inside B’s house and grabbed him on his shirt’s collar and asked him, “what is your problem with my kids? Why can’t you just leave them alone?” Our dad told us and our friends to wait outside, don’t follow him. But seriously, that was gold for us! Finally, someone is showing it to them. Of course, we followed, my dad was really upset, and he has a loud voice. So even if he’s not mad, you might get scared 😀 We saw what happened through the window. I know why my dad didn’t want us to follow him, and I found out, it was because he does not want to embarrass him, even if he deserves it, he just wants to talk to him and once and for all just a put a stop to the situation. We’re not hurting anyone, perhaps at times we can be loud, but we were kids. I don’t remember anymore exactly what they talked about because we were not allowed to be there. But they talked. He talked to their grandma. I don’t know what kind of agreement they reached.

My mom, told me that they just felt that way because they think that because they lived there before us that they have this feeling of seniority, but we were kids, we don’t even know that, we were just playing, having fun. And after that, B stopped. He just snubs us, but better than him bullying us. I have to say, that was the end of his bullying.

Weeks past, months past. And then, there’s this big fiasco that happened. The 3 bullies have cousins. They also live in the compound where they live. But unlike them, they are really nice. They’re really nice to us and they don’t even like their own cousins. They have internal “beef” 😀 It’s nice to know that there’s someone on our side 🙂

I have a cousin who lives on the same street, when we were kids we didn’t have the same interests and she has a friend who lives in the compound where J,L & B lives. So she hangs out there. We don’t care. But they can be mean. They like being pretty and playing different stuff than us. By the way, my cousin and I are more than ok now, and we just laugh about this when it gets brought up. We. Were. Kids. 😀

J is kind of in a relationship with the mother of that girl who is friends with my girl cousin. The 2 of them and our group don’t get along. We play rough, like running, playing with bicycles. One afternoon, we were playing with our group when all of a sudden the duo (my cousin and her friend) were telling us, can we join, and we told them no. They were not really nice to us. Then my mom said if you’re not including them then just play inside our (yard) gate and don’t fight with them. But when we’re already inside our yard, they were still teasing us from outside the fence. So what did we do? We fought back 😀 We should’ve not. Because no matter what, we will still be the one who will look bad, because we’re more than them, they’re just 2, we’re like 6-7 kids even if they provoked us.

They went back in the compound and told the adults in there that we teased them and stuff. That it’s our fault. I know, that J was sick like he has high fever and was resting. So what J did he went berserk he threw big rocks in our house, take note we were outside, a bunch of kids, my mom’s first instinct is to let all of us go inside the house so no one will get hurt. Fortunately, no one got hurt and no windows got broken. But we were all shaken up. My dad was working so he was not at home. And their grandma was incredulous. She said that it was my mom’s fault. WTF?! We were inside our house. There was a word war outside between my mom, their grandma and the so-called-adults that got involved. My mom said they should’ve not intervened in that way because it was a kids’ fight, and no one should’ve took sides. Adults should’ve been the one mediating not making the situation worst. Which is true. I was really sad and scared, I feel like it’s our fault, that my mom got called out at like that. I was upset, because my mom is not at fault at all. She offered a solution to the situation and still she is at fault. The audacity! My parents are always there helping them out, regardless of how jerk her grandchildren can be. Once everything simmered down my mom made sure that our friends were able to get home safely.


nope, the rocks he threw didn’t look like this 😀

Everyone was pretty shaken up. I felt really bad. I feel like it was my fault, I was sad and furious. I hated that old lady and her grandchildren. My mom definitely didn’t deserve that. I think, I was 9 or 10 that time, and it made me think why are there people like that. Perhaps, we were annoying because we’re always outside, playing, having fun and not really caring if we’re being too loud. Thinking about it, my parents are good neighbors. They really are. They’re considerate and they’re always there to help if needed. So I guess, perhaps my parents were right all along. There are people like that because they lacked guidance when they were growing up. They’re acting up, because they feel the need to.

beef squash

To be continued…:D Part 3 tomorrow!

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