Rooms for My Viewers #3

Here are my viewers’ rooms that I’ve built on stream last 29. Aug.2015:

9. Loversimsdog
– a mint green & modern bedroom


10. Babysniper_2015
– a suburban style bedroom with dark blue & white color scheme

Sniper's room

11. Awesomenessisawesomeness
– a blue & white bedroom with a modern & cozy vibe

Girl's Bedroom

12. Elliott1121
– a bedroom with green & white color scheme
I had some difficulties building this room. Because based on his room description, it seemed like he wanted me to build a replica of his room. I was not able to fully grasp the concept. Based on his description, this is how I translated it with my building style.

Elliott's room

13. Jakegomes2001
– a greenhouse with brown bricks & white flooring
It’s my 1st time to build a greenhouse for a viewer. I want it to have lots of natural light, since that is what plants need. I really like this concept.


If you want to download any of these rooms, my Origin id is: MalayaGH

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