Lindy's room

Rooms for My Viewers #12

Here are my viewers’ room I’ve built last 31. October & 01. November 2015:

38. Flawless_Star

A bedroom/study room with comfortable colors. A room fit for an artist. I am not sure, if I used the right colors for this one. In my perspective, comfortable colors are neutral hues, beige, creams, colors that are easy on the eyes. I don’t think that the room is fashionable though. It’s a flack on my part, since I am not a fashionable person. I could’ve made it more fashionable with CC (custom content), but I don’t use CC on viewer requested rooms.

F's Room

39. VegetableTiger

A basement bedroom, with a green, blue & brown theme, nature-inspired and victorian. I am not into Victorian stuff, but I like her concept. I’ve placed a lot of potted plants to exude a somewhat nature vibe. 🙂

Veg's Room

40. LindyLoo

A purple & blue bedroom with a modern-ish vibe. I’ve used a wallpaper from the Spooky Stuff pack as an accent wall. I find it really cute. 🙂

Lindy's room

41. Jill_the_Ripper

A greenhouse with lots of plants and flowers. I really had fun building this one. I’ve used a few CC potted plants, because I know Jill doesn’t have the game. I guess it’ll be ok to use some. 🙂

Jill's greenhouse

All rooms can be downloaded from my gallery: MalayaGH

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