A's Room

Rooms for My Viewers #11

Here are my viewers’ rooms I’ve built, furnished & decorated last 24. October 2015:

35. Butterflysims10

She have requested for two rooms, but I skipped the first one because the concept is not really clear to me. I have to ask her some more info/details when I see her on my stream. This is the 2nd one she requested, a pink & blue bedroom.

Butterfly's Room

36. Meganfab4life

I had a little bit of trouble building this one. She wanted a porch but working with her room details, it turned out to be more foyer-looking than a porch.

Megan's Porch

37. AnoumynouseV2

This is my kind of build.:) Cabin, cottage-like builds. I don’t know if I achieved the antique-feel that he likes. I’ve put a kitchenette in the room since he said on his room details that he wants a room where you can survive & thrive. So it’s kind of like a studio style flat.

A's Room

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All rooms are downloadable in the Sims gallery: MalayaGH

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