Quiplash-ing Last Sunday

I am a frugal person, especially when it comes to my games. As I’ve mentioned before my 1st love when it comes to games is The Sims. Since I started playing The Sims (Sims 1), I’ve been saving my money (allowance, birthday money, Christmas money etc.) to buy base games and expansion packs.

I’ve been streaming on Twitch since 08. June 2015 and I’ve met some really nice people. I also have some regular viewers who are really nice. That’s why I wanted to play a game where in I’ll be able to play with them. I searched online and checked out some games that I might be interested in that’ll enable me to play with my Twitch friends. I’m very specific with my games that’s why it takes me some time before I go ahead and buy a new game to try.

I discovered Quiplash. I streamed and tried it for the first time last 30. August 2015 (Sunday). Now, I’ve officially added Quiplash to my streaming repertoire. Last Sunday, I was able to play with my Twitch friends and some new people who are really nice. It was a lot of fun. My husband, Poni joined us. And he loves the game. It’s definitely something to look forward to every Sunday.


I really like the game and I’m looking forward to playing it every time I stream and getting to play with my Twitch friends. 🙂

My Quiplash streaming schedule: Sundays – 8:00 p.m. (Central European Time)

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