olay total effects

Product Review: Olay Total Effects 7 in One (Day & Night)

olay total effects

I bought this product because it is in a “try it for free” promo. Where in you purchase the products then send them the receipt and your bank details and then in 6-8 weeks they’ll reimburse you. Poni is the one who’ve introduced me to the wonderful world of “Gratis Testen” (try it for free). So we’re always on the lookout for free stuff that we can test. There are a bunch of stuff that you can test. And because of this, I haven’t purchased a bottle of shampoo since last year. Because I’ve collected a bunch of shampoos from these try it for free promos.

Back to Olay…

I am the kind of person who thinks about my face the least. The reason behind this is because I am not a celebrity or a model who has to look her absolute best all the time. In short, I am contented with how I look. I have acne scars, work-related scars, some breakouts every now & then and visible pores on my skin. And I am alright with that. I don’t think I will ever be the kind of person who will spend money to get facial treatments. I’ve tried different face products before but they always make me break out. So, I end up throwing it away or it expiring. I stick to my orange soap routine and that’s it. Autumns and winters can be nasty here in Germany and they give me nasty wind burns on my face and only that time I put some cream on my face.

BTW, in Germany, it’s Olaz instead of Olay. But it is just the same.

There’s such a huge buzz about this product when it first came in the Philippines I think around mid-2000’s. It claims that it is 7 products in one, and their TV ads were really good. They have the prettiest, poreless celebrities as their endorsers and of course, people wanted to be like them, poreless and white faced. 😀 My sister bought our mom a bottle of Olay Total Effects. I think it costs around $20-30 (convert in Philippine pesos) for a bottle. My mom stopped using it because she said it leaves her face a stinging sensation. So it was just on our bathroom shelf. I was working in a call center that time and a co-worker dropped by our house to visit me because I got sick. Then the following days my mom was wondering where her Olay was. So yeah, after investigating and analyzing…the Olay was sniped by my former co-worker 😀

Another case is one of my mom’s many sisters stopped talking to one of their nieces because she didn’t buy her Olay products that she asked for. You know the typical, “oh-you’re-working-abroad, buy-me-this…-kinda-situation”. I assume that the reason why she didn’t buy her Olay is because it is not a matter-life-and-death need. It’s just like a “want” that you can live without. It is just a luxury product that if you can’t afford you should not buy and better yet don’t ask someone to buy it for you. See, the power of Olay?! It drives people to steal and hold a grudge to a person.

Side story over 😀

When I saw that they have an Olay free trial thing. I thought might as well try it out, but I don’t have any high hopes with the product. Good thing is that it’s per person and not per household so it means I can get one for myself and for Poni that I will use for myself. 😀

This product costs €14,95. In order for me to get my money back is to print out the form from their website, fill it out with the necessary info, attached the receipt and mail it to the address indicated on their website. And in 6-8 weeks they’ll send the money directly to my bank account.

As I’ve said, I didn’t have any high hopes for this one. I’ve been using this now for 3 weeks. And I am surprised with the results. My face feels so soft and smooth. And I have to say my skin on the face has improved. I use it twice a day, at day time and night time. It does have a stinging sensation when you put it, not all the time, though. It doesn’t have a greasy feeling, which I hate. I have been going out bare-faced most of the time now. So, I would say this is a “win”. I hope I am not going to jinx this. 😀

It gives just the right amount of moisture, I think. During the 1st week of using the products, I stopped using it for 2 days because my face is just so itchy. I automatically assumed it’s the product. But it was the sudden change of weather, it became windy and chillier. It was the weather and not Olay. It is lightweight and you can go out with it. It won’t make your face shiny or look really oily. It doesn’t have a greasy after-feel which is a big thing for me.

Every morning I wash my face after breakfast and then apply the Olay for daytime. Then before I go to sleep after I brush my teeth I apply the Olay night time. I use a generous pea-size amount. Just enough to get face covered and leftovers for the neck area. The products are anti-aging and they have SPF and some other stuff. In short, it’ll make your skin better. So I never used any anti-aging products before so I guess this is the best time to start using some since I just turned 32 😀

I will continue using this until the bottles are empty not unless something undesirable happens on my skin and might consider re-purchasing if it really proved to have done “wonders” on my skin. 😀 I will do an update on this again in a month or two.

And my next review will be the Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Feather Weight Moisturizer

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