Poni + Stallone = Pontallone Plus Our Fashion Sense

Last week, we watched The Expendables 1 for the nth time. We didn’t know what to watch, our internet was having some issues so we cannot watch TV. This is what made me write this post.

Before meeting Poni, I never cared about Sylvester Stallone. I never watched any of his movies. The only thing that I watched where he is a part of is The Contender (boxing reality series). A series that I really liked. Ironically, Poni never heard of this series.

Poni, loves Sylvester Stallone. Well, he didn’t tell me that he loves Sylvester. But it is pretty obvious how much he admires and like Sylvester as a person and an actor.

Poni made me watch Rocky (all parts, yeah including the one with the robot!) and Rambo (all parts also). I remember my dad likes Rocky but not Rambo because it is too violent, we are gun haters. But as kids, we never watched any of those movies, because:

1. they are violent
2. we did not have cable, VHS/VCR player or any kind of electronics that will let you watch movies

But this post is not about that πŸ˜€

I have to say, I did like the Stallone movies. We watched 2 in the movie house/cinema: Escape Plan and Grudge Match. And we also watched a bunch of his other movies like, Over The Top, Cobra and a whole other bunch.

Here are some actual conversations we had that really motivated me in writing this post:

I’ll start with the most recent one that happened last week, while watching The Expendables:
Poni: How I wish Sylvester Stallone will not get old. I don’t want him to become old.
M: (dumbfounded face) But he is already old
Poni: (sad face)
M: Are you for realzzz?

2nd Convo some time ago:
Poni: What if we watch Rambo 1-4 in one sitting? There’ll be no distractions on the side, no phones, no ipad just watching it straight.
M: (Dumbfounded)

3rd Convo from last week while watching The Contender Season 2:
Poni: It is sad that he’s (Stallone) not in the second season at all.
M: He got busy, he must be writing a movie or something. He’s still the executive producer!


Those are just some Sylvester Stallone-related conversations that we’ve had.

So yeah, Poni really looks up to him. Which I don’t mind at all.

He was really quite surprised when he found out that I never watched Rocky or Rambo.


He designed this mug. Mine I just added some of my favorite people in the world: my mama, my nephew and of course Poni! I can hashtag Poni’s mug with #priorities

rambo poster

An ordinary day gift I gave to Poni, a few years back

rambo prints

Rambo prints that are waiting to be framed that he purchased for his “man cave”

Anyhow…I thank Sylvester Stallone for influencing Poni’s fashion choice. Finally, at long last.

I am not a fashionable person. But I do love 2 things: flannel/plaid/checkered button up shirts and denim button up shirts. I have a bunch. Poni mocks me for having a bunch of plaid shirts. I just love it.

flannel shirts

Just some of my plaid shirts πŸ˜€

Now, let’s talk about Poni’s fashion sense. He is super low maintenance but at the same time quite picky when it comes to his clothes. So much, for a person who doesn’t like shopping for clothes. I don’t mind that, since I don’t like vain men. But he badly needs it! He has a bunch of ratty, tattered stuff that he does not want to replace.

Poni is a plain t-shirt dude, when I met him. He loves plain black shirts. When we’re not married yet, and I still live in the Philippines. My grandfather passed away. And Poni was in the Philippines to visit me. He missed my grandfather’s funeral by a matter of hours.

He helped my dad put away my grandfather’s stuff. He was with my dad helping him empty his closets and other stuff. My grandfather has a lot of clothing hoard, but good hoard. I have to say 70% of the stuff are brand new and in original packaging.

The person who perfectly fits into my grandfather’s clothes is one of my uncles. My dad and my other uncle are taller & bigger than my grandfather so not all of the stuff fits them. It could’ve went to my uncle but they were having some issues during that time (like with every other family). Instead of giving all the stuff away. Poni was offered to choose which stuff he would like to keep/have.

There were a bunch of plain white Hanes t-shirts. And he chose those. And a specially tailored button up striped shirt. I asked him why did he choose that striped shirt. He said, it’s cool because he (grandfather) wrote the date on the shirt: My grandfather is notorious in writing dates on stuff (like when it’s made and when did he get it), which my dad got from him, and now me πŸ˜€

shirt with a date

The stripe shirt

He also got some old school razors for shaving that are still in original packing and unused.

vintage razor

One of the razors

So, since he got those plain white t-shirts, those became his everyday, going out shirts. That’s what he always wears. They are quite worn-out now, since my grandfather passed away 6-7 years ago I think. My parents buy him clothing. Specially my dad, since they have the same size, when he shops for himself he buys something for Poni too (and the Best Parents-In-Law award goes to…Ner & Beth! :D) Since the shirts are getting worn-out I keep on insisting to him to try some other stuff. My mom, got him some plain colored shirts from Uniqlo. So, he’s not all the time wearing white. I got to make him wear those, since they’re just simple. It’s pretty much everything he wears are from my parents to be honest. Shirts, shorts, socks, footwear and even underwear! Oh, how I love my parents. The most generous people in the world! πŸ˜€

It is so hard to shop for Poni and to take him shopping. Every time we go shopping here, with his mom, we always end up with nothing because he is too picky! It takes a lot of coaxing and convincing to make him buy something. He literally still wears underwear that is literally falling apart (I know, TMI! But there’s no shame for being thrifty, right? :D)

As I have mentioned in a couple of my blog posts, I love Sons of Anarchy and I really like Charlie Hunnam. His character Jax Teller, wears some plaid/flannel in the series and also in real life. I made a comment that it would look so good on him too (plaid/flannel) shirts. At first, I thought I convinced him to buy one and try it out. But nope, he was not convinced. So, I let that go. It’s not such a big deal, if he wants to wear plain shirts all the time. As long as they’re not falling apart.

This was years ago. And now, fast forward to last week while watching The Expendables. Sylvester Stallone wore 2-3 flannel shirts in the movie. I did not make a comment about it. But Poni did. Poni said it looks good. And he wants to try it out. I did not take it seriously, since I know Poni can be impressionable.
I said, β€œoh you will forget about this tomorrow”.
Poni: No, choose some for me
M: Ok, I’ll send you some links tomorrow.

Of course, Poni wants the exact same flannel that Stallone wore in the movie.



So, the next day I checked some flannel shirts for him and send him the links. I am not expecting too much from that. I know him, he will fizzle out or be flaky about it.

Friday, last week he was calling me from his work area asking me to check out the flannel shirts on this clothing site. So to start with he chose 2. So we’re waiting for them to arrive now. πŸ™‚ And I think, he will really like it. Can’t wait to see him try them on.

So, thank you Sylvester Stallone for influencing Poni’s fashion sense! πŸ™‚ And finally, we’ll be twinning with our flannel shirts! πŸ˜€ And this was quite easy, no one has to convince him. All it took is just seeing Stallone wear flannel shirts.

Hmmm, now this gave me an idea! πŸ˜€

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