Of Basketball & Soccer A.K.A. A Bunch of Good Looking Dudes in UEFA

This post was due last week, but since some times technology fails us, my 5-page post got corrupted. It’s like days of research & blah blahs just got thrown out of the window and there’s no way salvaging any of it. I was bummed, and ready to say “f*ck this sh*t I will hibernate from blogging again”. But no, I will still try to resurrect this post. 😀 I tried, days ago re-writing it but it didn’t feel natural. So, I will just try to put a different spin on it. And just keep it simple.

The past weeks were all about the NBA. Filipinos going gaga over the NBA finals (basketball) and the past days the Matos-Geisler fight. I watch Kontrabando, so I’m pretty much aware of this. 😀 Years, ago Poni and I had a conversation about why Filipinos are so into basketball. He mentioned that soccer (football) would’ve been perfect for Filipinos, since typically Filipinos are not tall. I always, credit Growee (multi-vitiamin I took for a short time when I was younger) for my height. I am 5’10 1/2”. But Filipinos or Asians in general, are not typically tall.

Here in Europe, it’s different. People are going gaga and at the same time being united by soccer. Everyone is watching it, and when Germany is about to play, you will see on the streets people wearing their colors, jerseys, fan gears & face paint. It is kind of infectious. It’s nice to see, how sports unite people together.

I don’t really watch a certain kind of sport religiously. But being with the Poni, at times being a wife you’ll ask (out of politeness I think :D), “How’s the game?” Since, our TV is in the same room as my office, at times, I get to watch the games. I live in Germany for 6 years now. When I first came here, I saw my 1st World Cup. And found it unusual how people are on the streets, cheering being a little destructive, celebrating every win Germany had.

Enough of that. I took interest now, because I ended up comparing basketball and football (soccer). Of course basketball has its challenging parts, but I find soccer much more challenging (this is just my opinion, so if you’re a passionate basketball fan don’t hate me too much). I know this, since I played basketball for a couple of years for my school, when I was a teenager. Don’t get me wrong, I am the worst player and I am not saying this trying to be humble. The only reason why I was part of the team is because I am tall. I don’t know what the rules are. But this is for my other blog post coming in a few days: “How I Felt Like Freak in the Philippines”.

Soccer is hard. The field is so big, like running non-stop for 90 minutes, trying to make a goal. It is hard to make a goal. That makes it an interesting game to watch. And it doesn’t hurt if there are some athletes that are easy on the eyes! Wink! 😀

I find soccer players, lean, tall & proper. And some are really good looking. I know, I know…I am married and for me, Poni will always be my #1 (for realzzz) But I do know, how to appreciate if a dude looks good. Celebrity-wise, my biggest crushes are Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller) from Sons of Anarchy, Clive Standen (Rollo) from Vikings and a little bit of Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) from Game of Thrones, I was pretty much devastated *spoiler alert* when Drogo died.

I took interest, and check out all the countries/teams that are participating in UEFA (Union of European Football Associations). Since, we’ve been watching other games too besides Germany.

This list is based on my taste, so if I missed someone who’s generally really hot it means he’s not my type

Here is my type:
– “man bun” the really manly kind not the ridiculous kind that makes me want to punch his face when I see that kind of un-manly bun
– Tall & lean
– dorky vibe
– not the typical handsome face
– normal brows or groomed in a reasonable manner not like some other guys with over-tweezed brows
– doesn’t go tanning in a tanning salon
– facial hair

There you go! If I missed a country, it means I didn’t find anyone who’s my type.

I made this list based on the groups their countries belongs too, but I will go with Germany first since I live here and of course as a wife, rooting for them 😀


#2 Shkodran Mustafi
He has a groomed face and all in all looks very manly and lean. He reminds me of an athlete version of Michael Cera.

#5 Mats Hummels
I like his “messy hair, don’t care” vibe and he just looks like he doesn’t spend too much time fixing his hair.

#6 Sami Khedira
I am kind of disappointed that he gave in to cutting his hair and has like a generic soccer player hair cut. But I do like him when he wears a headband before with his long hair, though his new cut suits him very well.

Joachim Löw
I have to say, he’s the most good-looking coach ever 😀

Group A


#6 Yohan Cabaye
I like that mature, proper look.



#9 Olivier Giroud
He uses hair products, but he looks really good.



#23 Benoit Costil
come on! This dude is looking really damn fine! There are a bunch of other pictures that are really good but I am definitely liking this one.


#12 Ciprian T?t?ru?anu

#21 Drago? Grigore
He looks very manly.

#22 Cristian S?punaru
2 words: head band 😀


#5 Lorik Cana


#1 Yann Sommer
2 words: head band 😀 And he looks really good.

#12 Marwin Hitz
you probably getting the vibe now, what’s my type 😀

rodriguez footballer
#13 Ricardo Rodriguez
That bun/ponytail!

Group B


ramsey footballer
#10 Aaron Ramsey
tall, lean and that facial hair! 😀

bale footballer
#11 Gareth Bale
man bun and that mean look! 😀


pekarik footballer
#2 Peter Pekarík
I like that sweaty, push backed hair look.

durica footballer
#4 Ján ?urica
Strong and tall!

novota footballer

#12 Ján Novota

Group C


krychowiak footballer
#10 Grzegorz Krychowiak
He looks like a clean gentleman.

Group D


casillas footballer
#1 Iker Casillas
He has nicer photos, but I just like this one

de gea footballer
#13 David de Gea
Lean and mean 😀

ramos footballer
#15 Sergio Ramos
I like him with longer hair, but he looks mighty fine with short hair too.

Czech Republic

cech footballer
#1 Petr ?ech
Call me weird, but he looks so good with his head gear 😀

plasil footballer
#13 Jaroslav Plašil
That hair! I guess, if you have the same hair as Poni, you’ll be on my list 😀


özyakup footballer
#14 O?uzhan Özyakup


strinic footballer
#3 Ivan Strini?

modric footballer
#10 Luka Modri?
2 words: Poni Hair 😀

Group E


ciman footballer
#23 Laurent Ciman
Sometimes I can be extreme, I either find long hair attractive or at times no hair at all. It’s a true test if you really are good looking, and this dude is!

fellaini footballer
#8 Marouane Fellaini
Did I say, I was extreme? I like how I don’t get a vain vibe at all from him. His eyebrows are out of control, which I like, unlike some other dude from Portugal wink. Look at him longer and you’ll see what I see 😀

hazard footballer
#10 Eden Hazard
First he has “the” name, 2nd he looks good!

Italy (for me, has the most good-looking players)

sirigu footballer
#12 Salvatore Sirigu
Tall, wavy, tousled with headband hair

marchetti footballer
#13 Federico Marchetti
This is not his most flattering photo, but he kinda looks like Haywire from Prison Break, and yes I also like Haywire, yes, you can go ahead and judge me that I have some cuckoo taste 😀

bonucci footballer
#19 Leonardo Bonucci
Those eyes!

candreva footballer
#6 Antonio Candreva
That facial hair!

de rossi footballer
#16 Daniele De Rossi
yes, please!

pelle footballer
#9 Graziano Pellè
He is not my type, but he looks like he’s part of The Godfather, and I love Godfather so there. Did that make sense? 😀

Republic of Ireland

quinn footballer
#22 Stephen Quinn
Call me weird, but I’m totally feeling his ginger vibe and his freckles.

murphy footballer


#21 Daryl Murphy


isaksson footballer
#1 Andreas Isaksson
He’s so tall!

johansson footballer
#3 Erik Johansson
That bun!

forsberg footballer
#6 Emil Forsberg
Such a fresh-faced blondie

larsson footballer
#7 Sebastian Larsson
Another fresh-faced blondie

durmaz footballer
#21 Jimmy Durmaz
facial hair + man bun

ibrahimovic footballer
zlatan footballer
#10 Zlatan Ibrahimovi?
Ultimate man bun! He doesn’t spend too much time fixing his hair for sure, plus the attitude 😀


gomes footballer
#15 André Gomes

silva footballer


#18 Rafa Silva


birkir footballer
#8 Birkir Bjarnason
That hair!

bjarnason footballer


#18 Elmar Bjarnason
Those cheekbones and that jawline! 🙂

That’s it! So who’s excited for the game later? Me! Italy vs. Spain. I want Italy to win. Of course.

And thanks for taking the time, reading this. 🙂 <3

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