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My Calligraphy Loot

I’ve been wanting to try calligraphy for the longest time! 😀 I’m all about it. But unfortunately, I don’t have much time to devote on it. We are always last-minute-y. So now, we are swamped with stuff to do but we still find time to procrastinate, Netflix and watch a bunch of fail videos on YouTube.

I am actually really excited about something, but I will do my best to contain it and now back to the main focus of this post. 😀

calligraphy stuff

The Loot

I’ve bought some reasonably priced (somehow cheap) calligraphy stuff. I specifically want to try modern calligraphy. The first calligraphy piece that I’ve bought is a Brause set which is described as perfect for beginners.


Brause Calligraphy Pens

I bought this one from Amazon, and it has great reviews. But when I tried it the day after I’ve received it, I was kind of disappointed. Not with the product but with the nibs that came with it. The product’s picture was not clear so I can’t really see which nibs comes with the set. I like it that came with a small bottle of ink. Because I haven’t purchased any yet.

I decided if want to do calligraphy I need better nibs. So I researched which nibs will be good with the kind of calligraphy I want to try, and then I went to EBay and searched for something that is reasonably priced. I found a set with 8 nibs for less than 10 euros. I guess, quality-wise they’re not superb but since I am going to try it out and for practice I think this’ll be perfect.


Memory Calligraphy Pens

The brush pens are less than 2 euros each. So I bought 2. I tried them out and I’m pretty satisfied with the flow of the ink.

kreul pens

The Brush Pens

Last Friday, I’ve printed out some free modern calligraphy templates. All I have to do now is to make some time for it. 😀

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