Monday Motivation

Where do I begin with this? 😀

I have to say that this is one of the best movie montages EVER! 😀 It is motivating, funny and mind-boggling all at the same time. Dolph looks like a human Ken doll. The side by side training comparison is so good. Everything about it is so good! The Training Montage song is also the best. The “high-tech” training machines are just…I’ll just leave it like that.

Where do I begin with this one again? 😀 This is definitely one of my most favorite montages.

Here’s the ultimate checklist:

  • snazzy suits – check!
  • perfectly groomed mustache – check!
  • duffel bags of cash being carried on their shoulders – check!
  • cash van transport – check!
  • tiger in the backyard – check!
  • watching your sister try on provocative dresses – check!

Push It To The Limit is in my Grind playlist and Work-Out playlist. It really is a motivating song. I am not advocating the Scarface lifestyle, but if you just listen to the song on its own, the lyrics are really motivating. Pushing you to work harder, and just push it! 😀 Plus, I really love the movie. So I got bummed when I read some stuff online that they’re planning to do a re-make of this movie. Like, what???! Why?!! Leave Scarface be and don’t do a re-make.

“Ernie, you got a job!”, one of my favorite lines from Scarface. 😀

Mondays for me are meh and blah. I guess my dislike for Monday came from when I was really young and have to wake up early to go to school. But now, I treat Monday as a new beginning of some sort. So if you feel meh or blah on a Monday, just watch any of these 2 montages and perhaps it’ll give you some motivation to face Monday with a renewed outlook on life (what did I just said? 😀 )

And before, I end this post. One song that I’ve been liking also for motivation is Rise by Katy Perry. The lyrics are just really motivating. I know it’s the official Olympics’ song. So I guess it’s really meant to motivate.



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