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It’s Not Comedy

It’s Not Comedy

I listen to all sorts of music types/genre, mostly I go for the type of music that my favorite singer/songwriter/bands make.

I think, this happened 2 months ago (and yeah boo me, so lame that I’m blogging about this now). We have Netflix and there are moments where in you have binge-watched all of your favorite shows but you don’t feel like trying a new show (I sounded so shallow here :D)

This is a common convo in our househould:
P: What do you want to watch?
M: Hmmmm….I don’t know

When there’s like hundreds of series, shows, movies to watch on Netflix 😀

We usually like the same types of show and movies, but there also really girly ones, that there’s no way I’ll make him watch, I call those girly shows “my shows”, meaning he cannot tolerate them. I am usually the one suggesting him what to watch. Ok, so this is not what I want to blog about.

One of those nights where in we don’t know what to watch, he played a documentary. He mentioned this documentary to me a few days ago. And I was like “hmm, I don’t know”. I’m feeling flaky about it.

Then he just played it.

Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of

backstreet boys

Yep, we watched this 🙂

Yep, that’s what we watched. And yep, it’s not a comedy. But we just kept on laughing. Not in a mocking way or anything like that.

Growing up, I think it was 1996 when I first heard of the BSB (Backstreet Boys). I was in 6th grade and I had some classmates who danced to one of their songs for our Christmas Party. “We’ve Got It Goin’” is the title of that BSB song. And I was like, ok.

I am a notorious late bloomer, I was not into boys. My sister bought a cassette tape of their album and out of curiosity my brother and I checked-out the leaflet and started to size up the BSB members. Most of the people I know, have a huge crush on Nick.

Moving on from that, what made us watch this documentary? BSB songs are our go-to karaoke songs. Because they’re easy to sing. It doesn’t mean that they are our favorite boy group but yeah, it makes us feel we can sing good when we sing their songs in the karaoke, our 2nd choice is Black Eyed Peas 😀

It’s good to have an insight of what’s really going on in their group. Like, I rarely hear Howie and Kevin have a solo in any of their songs. Why does it have to be always Nick, Brian or AJ? There are 2 other people in the group. In the documentary (*spoiler alert*) Howie talked about how it made him sad, that he doesn’t have as much solos as he would’ve wanted because he has a good voice too. And just see them fight it out just to have a solo verse of some sort. And fans mistaking Howie to be AJ, and he has to awkwardly tell them “no, I’m not AJ. I am Howie”.

When we bought our house in the woods, it came with a bunch of crap that supposedly we could use but ended up getting rid of all of it. When we were rummaging in the storage at the back we came across an orange frisbee. This frisbee had some writings on it with a black permanent marker.

Here’s what is written:
very center of the frisbee: BSB (Backstreet Boys)
then around BSB: AJ, Howie, Brian, Nick, Kev
But Kev is written multiple times, so we assumed that the person who owned that is a big fan of Kevin.

That made us laugh 😀 I don’t know, if we still have that frisbee. It would’ve been nice if I can include that picture here.

While watching the documentary, we have our own discussions and opinions on what they should’ve done and not done. Haha, yeah we can be highly-opinionated. 😀

It’s definitely not comedy, but we had a really good laugh, commemorating the time when we were younger and how the people we know are so into BSB.

And who doesn’t know: “Everybody, rock your body Backstreet’s Back alright!!”

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