Happy Bull-entine’s Day!

What is Bullentine’s Day?

  • Bullentine’s Day is my alternative for St. Valentine’s Day. It is a day wherein you can just hate on February 14. It doesn’t matter what it is that you want to hate or be sour about. You can day drink, treat yourself, watch sad movies, violent movies or movies that don’t make sense like ” Weekend At Bernie’s” (yep, this movie has a Part 2). You can hate all you want but only for 1 day. It doesn’t mean that I hate the world or I am so freaking bitter about life.
weekend at bernie's

“Bodacious babes” – where I first heard of the word “bodacious” 😀

Malaya’s Valentine’s Day History

I don’t remember anything that is good about Valentine’s Day. Growing up, I remember that we are required to bring something heart-shaped to school. Teachers made us make Happy Valentine’s Day cards to give to our parents. There’s actually one that my dad kept, that I made when I was 4-5 years old. Where I said ” I Leiv You” 😀 Then I remember on 4th-5th grade it took a slightly romantic turn. Wherein your names (together with the other kids in your class) are written on heart-shaped red cardstock. Then the teacher will pick your names and pair you to a boy from your class. And are required to be each other’s, Valentine. This just gave me cringe attacks.

5th grade (1995) it’s a different Valentine’s game in my class. Our teacher chose 5 girls and boys, not randomly in my opinion. Unfortunately, I was picked. So we are required to pick a “broken heart” in a box. Then match the “broken heart” with one of the dudes’ hearts. Then if it’s a match that dude will kiss you. Wtf? I was 10 years old. And the dude who matches my “broken heart” is a guy that I so dislike!!! Our teacher wanted the kiss to be on the cheek but I protested and profusely declined. So he ended up giving me a peck on my hand. Every year, it is just some bull!

After my school years, I didn’t really find any reason to like Valentine’s day. There’s only one thing that brings a smile to my face. It was one of our dogs’ birthday. Her name is Bacon and she’s a Dalmatian. I love her! That’s the only good thing.

Actually, hate is such a strong a word. I will just say, I strongly dislike Valentine’s Day. I have deeper reasons why, but I think those will forever be trapped in my memories. You can ask me, though if you want to and I might tell 😀

Here’s what I did for Bullentine’s 2017:

  • bought a pair of  shoes
  • listened to a combination of Rammstein, Korn, Marilyn Manson, System Of A Down and Limp Bizkit songs. Their songs just give me an uplifting feeling of some sort 😀
  • watched Weekend At Bernie’s
  • worked for 12+ hours
  • and wore something red to symbolize anger 😀 (not really, I was thinking of poop brown color, but I think I don’t have any)









That’s it for Bull-entine’s 2017! I was working on a logo of some sort but too much effort! Perhaps by next year I’ll be able to finish it 😀

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