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General Update

Hello, avid readers of my blog! 😀 😀

This is just a general mash-up update of some sort.

2 weeks ago, I started with my driving lessons. I’ve finished the theory part that went on for a week. It was fun. Though I’m finished with the theory part, I still have to do a lot of reviewing for the test. And I’m still patiently waiting for my eye appointment since without it I’ll be in a complete stand-still with my German driver’s license. I do have a Philippine driver’s license and I did drove a lot in the Philippines. I could just take the written and actual exams here to get my driver’s license but I felt that it’ll be much better if I’ll just do it all over again, for these reasons:

  1. traffic rules will be in German
  2. traffic rules are actually being followed here unlike in the Philippines
  3. I haven’t driven a car in years
  4. I am pretty bad in parking…actually, I SUCK at it
  5. it’ll be a refresher

I am not saying that everything is smelling like roses here in Germany, believe me, there are some drivers that’ll make you wonder how they got their driver’s license. Here, the eye exam is legit. Unlike in the Philippines where they will just make you read some numbers to check if you are color blind or something then pay them a “doctor’s fee”. Here, you have to even get a contact lenses pass of some sort if you are wearing them. The actual test is something that is taken seriously and so does the written exam.

One thing that is very important here is to respect pedestrians and cyclists or people using their bicycles. Which in the Philippines does not fucking exist! Unless you are my dad, because he definitely respects pedestrians and people using their bicycles. Our instructor always made it clear to respect and always give way to pedestrians and follow the traffic light.

I had a fun time, taking up the theory part of my driving lessons.

We recently went camping outside our house in the woods. Detailed post will be up soon together with the outdoor fireplace DIY video we’ve made.

I’m still quite obsessed with the Alaskan Bush People show from Discovery Channel. I know some parts of it are staged but whatever I just like watching it. Poni was the one who was so excited for this show and I didn’t really have high hopes. Mainly because I know Poni. When he watches something he wants to imitate it. I call him such an “impressionable Poni”.

brown town


We are currently towards the end of the 3rd season. My favorites are definitely, Bambam and Matt and the one I don’t really care about and actually annoys me is Noah.

cozy couch

watching some Alaskan Bush People on a chilly Autumn night

And I’ve been coloring a lot in the evenings and it kind of really calms me down before going to sleep.

I’ve finished editing a bunch of videos for my YouTube channel so watch out for new videos 🙂

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