Free Trial Haul Review

I think, I did this last month (November). They are a couple of products that I’ve purchased and have a sticker that it’s a free-trial (gratis testen in German) product. You purchase the product and then you send them an e-mail or mail with a picture of the receipt and your bank details and the company will reimburse you for the purchase. I tried this twice, for 2 hair dye kits. It requires some effort but it’s not really that hard, plus you get to try a product for free! 😀

I have a YouTube video for this haul, feel free to check it out. 🙂 Click here! 🙂

Now, for the products: 🙂

1. Loreal Nutri Gloss Luminizer Shampoo & Conditioner

shampoo & conditioner

Shampoo (€1,85)
The shampoo is a clear shampoo. It smells nice but you can’t just use it on its own. I’ve used it on its own, but it left my hair tangly. It did not make it smooth, it was hard to comb my hair after showering. I think this has to be always used with the matching conditioner.

Conditioner (€1,85)

The conditioner smells like the shampoo. The consistency of the conditioner is slightly runnier than some of the conditioner that I’ve tried. I find that my hair is not that soft after using this conditioner, unlike when I use different conditioner brands, where my hair is really silky and smooth after using it.

All in all I will not buy this product if it was not a free trial. I usually have my doubts with “luminizing” or will give your hair extra shine products. I’ve used the shampoo for a week and I didn’t noticed any positive changes.

2. Loreal Total Repair 5 Repair Shampoo and Balsam

leave in and shampoo

Shampoo (€1,85)
This shampoo, I like. I like the smell and it makes my hair soft and easy to comb even without using a conditioner after using it. It’s called a repair shampoo. I thought it’s kind of like a 2-in-1 thing, shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried the shampoo for a week and I like it. I will highly consider re-purchasing this one, once I’ve finished the bottle.

Loreal Total Repair 5 CICA Balsam (€5,95)
This is more of a leave-in conditoner, hair mask etc. I have to say I like this. I haven’t seen any drastic changes with my hair. What I like, is that it somehow makes my hair softer & silkier without making my hair oily & limp. I use it at times after showering and then I proceed with blow drying my hair or as a hair mask at night, as suggested on the package. My hair is dry and I have some split ends, I doubt that this product will solve these hair issues that I have unless I get a trim. With its price, I am unsure if I will repurchased this product or not. But I do see some positive effects whenever I use this product. This product smells like the shampoo. Both smells good.

3. Nivea Shower Cream & Deodorant Spray

shower cream

Nivea Creme Care Shower Cream (€1,55)
I really like this. I actually, finished the whole bottle already. It has the classic Nivea smell and you can really feel your skin softening while and after using it. I will definitely re-purchase this one.

Nivea Fresh Natural 0% Aluminum Deodorant Spray (€1,75)
I haven’t tried this one yet. Because I have 2 opened deodorant sprays as of the moment. I’ll update this post as soon as I use this product.

4. Garnier Fructis Strengthening (translated to English) Shampoo and Serum

shampoo and serum

I haven’t tried both of these products yet. Since I have opened and using the balsam and the 2 Loreal shampoos. As soon as I’m about to finish those products I’ll be trying these 2 Garnier products.

Shampoo (€1,39)
Serum (€7,95)

5. Sensodyne Cool & Fresh Mouthwash


I haven’t tried this one yet. But I find it to be a good deal. Since you get another bottle. I have a mouthwash that is still open that’s why I haven’t tried this one yet. But as soon as that is finished I will be using this one.

As of today, I have been reimbursed by all of the companies except for the Sensodyne mouthwash. I’ve sent this one by mail, perhaps that’s why it’s taking some time. But it usually takes less than 4 weeks.

I will definitely be doing this again. 🙂

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