Autumn Camping AKA Our Outdoor Fireplace

The video of this DIY is already up on my YouTube channel. And you can even watch it here! 🙂

This DIY project is VERY easy to make. But I don’t know how many people want to make an outdoor fireplace. 😀 If you are really interested in making one, feel free to contact me and ask questions on how we made it.

In total, we’ve spent €20,00 for this project. All the rocks that we’ve used, Poni got all of them for free.

I’ve pretty much enjoyed making this with Poni. Though I have to admit that I was kind of disappointed that we were not able to incorporate the wine bottles in this project.



outdoor fireplace

To test the outdoor fireplace, we decided to go camping in our house in the woods. It is now autumn and it rains pretty much every day. So we checked the weather forecast and decided to go camping as soon as it’s not raining anymore.  Camping day- the weather was very good. It was not that sunny but it stayed dry the whole time. We bought some camping food (sausages, bread, marshmallows, baked beans). It was a very relaxing day, and I was reviewing for my driving test. Poni started the fire and he set up the cutest and coziest tent (at least for me) 😀





It was a fun night. With the exception of a slightly terrifying news that Poni told me, that kind of scared me. As soon as it was dark, we were sitting in front of the fireplace. He told me, that earlier that morning they caught a wolf. There are some reported wolf sightings. So yeah, I got scared. This area of Germany is not known for having wolves. It did scare me quite a bit.


*not the actual wolf 😀

The next morning we got woken up by some serious rain. So we got wet and cold. But even if, it was still fun. Will definitely camp out again when the weather stabilizes. 🙂

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