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August-September Favorites

I’ve decided to add monthly favorites posts in my blog. I will try to do it monthly or incorporate 2 months together. It’ll be a mash-up of products and stuff. It can be food, make-up, music, tv show or anything that I can’t get enough of for the month. 😀

So here it goes for my first favorites post…


AOK Sea Sand Facial Scrub (Peeling)

It’s my 1st time to use any product from this brand. I’ve finished a tube of Neutrogena Pore Refining Scrub that has micro beads and I’ve read that the microbeads are major pollutants in the ocean and they are not biodegradable. Plus it was not really good. I normally use a facial scrub 3x a week and saw that this one is made out of sea sand plus it has some white tea extract I think. It is really good. It really leaves my skin clean and exfoliated. It can be a little harsh so don’t use it with a heavy hand. But it didn’t break me out, it just really exfoliates my skin.

dusch das

Dusch Das 2 in 1 (Shampoo & Body Wash)

This one is my all-time favorite. I absolutely love the scent of this. It’s herby, fresh, piney with a tinge of citrus. But it doesn’t smell like a bathroom cleaner or anything like that. I don’t get tired of this product. Especially during the summer I use this for my hair too. That’s why I hoard it whenever I get the chance. It is in a buy 1 take 1 bundle a month ago and took advantage of it. It is around €1,79 for the bundle. I checked their website if they have a perfume or deodorant with this scent because I will definitely buy it if ever.

loreal cushion lumi

Lóreal Nude Magique Cushion

For light coverage, I’ve been loving this one. It doesn’t feel heavy but at the same time gives you a decent amount of coverage. I am not a makeup junkie but I do use some make-up from time to time. It is easy to apply and it doesn’t feel sticky. It’s perfect for summer, I think.

loreal hippie mascara

Lóreal Miss Hippie Waterproof Mascara

I like this mascara very much. It’s not clumpy and it makes my lashes really long and full. I have to say this is my favorite mascara ever. It is hard to take off since it’s waterproof. It makes it perfect for those sweaty summer days since it won’t really budge and give you raccoon eyes. I’ve tried some other waterproof mascara brands but after long hours it gives me some raccoon eyes.

loreal infallible mist

Lóreal Infallible Fixing Mist

This one is truly infallible. 😀 Once I spray it on my face my make-up lasted for hours. I did not have any high expectations with this product. But I have to say it is way better than my MAC mineralized skin hydrating mist. Perhaps it’s because it’s just for hydrating. This is also a perfect product for summer. My face stays matt during my kitchen streams on Twitch since it’s still the heat of the summer here in Germany.

bic pens

Bic Multicolour Pens

I bought this pack sometime last year. But I didn’t open it until a few weeks ago because I have a bunch of pens. But if you know me, I am a sucker for Bic and Papermate medium point pens. I have to say that Papermate pens are non-existent here. 😀 I do have a lot of Bic pens but this specific type writes so smooth and so flowy. This is €1,99 for a pack of 8. I’ve only used the black and the purple so far, and I am definitely loving them.

adore delano

source: youtube

I Can’t Love You – Adore Delano

This is one of the songs I’ve been loving for more than a month now. Have to warn you that the songs that I am really into are heavily influenced by RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 2. It’s a nice song to listen to at night when you ponder about people you loved in the past, which can be a bad thing. Because you shouldn’t be thinking about those people anyhow. 😀 It’s a good song.


taylor dayne

Tell It To My Heart – Taylor Dayne

I still have to abuse this song. Meaning, I have to listen to it multiple times a day. I’ve heard this song before but didn’t really give it any importance. But it sparked my interest again after watching Detox’s & Alyssa Edwards’ Lipsynch For Your Legacy. It is such a good song and it just makes you want to dance.


murder she wrote

Murder She Wrote – Hidden Object/Puzzle Game

I am a sucker for this kind of games. When I was a child I remember seeing some Murder She Wrote episodes, but I was too young to understand what’s even going on. I remember wishing that Angela Lansbury was my grandmother because she’s so upbeat and that voice! The voice in the game sounds very similar to the original character but I think it’s not Angela. The game is an easy game, there are puzzles that are challenging. It has 5 cases/mysteries to solve. It is entertaining. I have the Murder She Wrote 2. But I don’t play every day hence my progress. I just finished solving, Murder in the Maples. I got this game from Big Fish games from one of the free coupons I got from them.


drag race all stars 2

source: crushingkrisis

RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Season 2

I’ve been waiting for this one! And I have to say the concept/rules are much better than the 1st All-Stars. There are so many Season 5 queens. I was surprised that Trixie Mattel is not included or Pearl. I am rooting for Katya but I’m ok with anyone winning except for Phi Phi. Alyssa is so good. She’s really bringing it, her lipsynch is definitely one of the bests. Tatianna is so pretty and Katya too. Definitely, everyone is doing really good. Every episode is just so entertaining.

So yeah, those are my August-September favorites. 🙂

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