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Arts & Crafts I Want To Try This Year

As you all know by now, I love crafting and anything that is colorful & creative. This year, I am planning to try and focus on 3-4 arts & crafts. I am taking a week long break from streaming. I am catching up on some house chores & organization, looking for a cheap flight to the Philippines and researching about the arts & crafts that I want to try, that I will also incorporate in our small, existing soap biz.

1st from my list is calligraphy. I am all over this. When I was young I remember seeing a box of calligraphy nibs on my father’s desk. I didn’t have any idea what are those for. My dad took up architecture in college and he has really nice handwriting. I’ve watched a bunch of videos, and I just can’t wait to try it out. I will ask my father if he still has his calligraphy nibs, but they might be all rusty now. I was 4-5 years old when I saw those nibs and I am 31 now. I bought a reasonably priced calligraphy set for beginners on Amazon 2 days ago. It’ll arrive on Saturday. I know, in the videos it looks so fluid and easy, but it’ll take a lot of practice to be really good (like with everything else).

There are so many nice modern calligraphy books on Amazon too. But I’ll wait on that. I was quite tempted to get 1 already, but I resisted. I’ll just wait when I’m in the Philippines. Somehow, it’s cheaper there. 😀 And I would like to be able to leaf through the pages and see how the inside of the book looks like. I have a Kindle but with books like these I prefer an actual book.

2nd on my list is knitting. This has been forever on my list. I’ve dabbled a bit on knitting last year. I bought a pair of needles, knitting spool & a knitting loom. I loomed a scarf for Poni. This time I want to try hand-knitting bulky yarn, like really bulky. I am planning to hand-knit some infinity scarves, a shawl/blanket. I am just too frugal at times. I find bulky yarn/wool expensive. But I’m going to really do this, this year. So come next winter, I am prepared. 😀

3rd on my list is candle making. I want to try candle making because I really like candles. And I want to add them in our Berry Raccoon line of products. I am planning to use soy wax for candle making. I still have to go through my fragrance oil stash that I use for soap making because I might be able to use some for candle making. I have a really nice concept for the packaging but I’ll just share a picture once I am there. 😀

So yeah, those are the 3 artsy-craft-sy things that I want to try this year.

*featured image is a screenshot of the calligraphy set I got from; so photo credit goes to them

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