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Aliens with Backstories

I’ve created this household on one of my streams some time around end of June. These Sim-aliens don’t really have backstories. 😀 I don’t how, it came out like this.

These alien-Sims are based off on some of my regular viewers on Twitch, myself and Poni included. Before I delve into their “backstories”, I have to say that they’re completely fictional. The only real thing about the backstories are just some of the first names that are used. But the rest (story progression, relationships, traits, etc.) are completely FICTIONAL. Just want to make that clear, just in case some people might get confused.

Meet the Aliens:

1. Gabi
– as I remember, I think she’s engaged to be married to Marvin.

Alien Gabi

2. Leah
– she’s a single mother, has a “work-in-progress” relationship with her daughter and now also engaged to be married to one of her housemates.

Alien Leah

3. Tarrissa
– Leah’s daughter. Hoping for her mother’s approval, she’s struggling with her schoolwork because she doesn’t get enough guidance, she also almost burned down the house.

Alien Ernoskij

4. Marvin
– a prison cell has been setup for him in the basement. He has set his eyes on Gabi and now they’re engaged to be married and he’s working as an astronaut.

Alien Marvin

5. Emma
– Emma is Emma Watson’s alien-version. She mostly keeps to herself, except now that she’s involved with another housemate, Alien Leah.

Alien Emma

6. Klaudia
– is the household’s buffer. She’s not involved with anyone in the household. She’s striving to be an illustrous painter.

Alien Klaudia

7 & 8. Malaya & Poni
– I don’t know how these two fit in the mix. They’re already married. They must’ve not fit in a different flying saucer during their trip to Earth. 😀

Alien Poni

Now, let’s see how their stories will unfold.

Find out more on my next blog post. 😀

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  1. Poni says:

    I like the bunny slippers 😀

    Leah and Emma? 😀 LOL and Klaudia needs some friends in this household!

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