Christmas Tree

A Special Twitch Friend


I’ve met Charles when I just started streaming on Twitch, around June 2015. He’s a really nice person and as I’ve gotten to know him, he is also a very good family man, a voracious gamer and a Lego collector plus more! 😀

I love sending and receiving snail mails. I’ve sent him a birthday card and a postcard and what he have sent me back are things that I did not expect. He sent me a birthday card and a Lego figure (the Spooky Girl with a bear in the picture), he sent me a postcard when he was on vacation with his family in Hawaii and last December he sent me a Lego Christmas tree. Which is really nice of him.

Christmas Tree

He also streams! So feel free to check him out on Twitch, just click here!

Along with Charles, I’ve met a bunch of other nice, real & genuine people on Twitch. But this deserves a separate blog post, so I’ll be doing that.

But this post is dedicated to Charles! 🙂 Thanks Charles and I’m truly happy that I came across you on Twitch! 🙂

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