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A Savaged Pear

This is a pretty silly and short post 😀

Yesterday, we’ve spent the whole day in our house in the woods. I should’ve taken photos of our house in the woods since it was really nice yesterday, but unfortunately, I have terrible tree pollen allergy yesterday. I’ve been sneezing the whole day, my nose dripping like a broken faucet and my nose is so sore and redder than Rudolph’s nose. I still enjoyed our day there yesterday and was WIFI free for almost the whole day.

I did recently develop a pollen allergy, but it was supposed to affect me around April-May. That’s why I didn’t take any medication.

We went to the grocery before we went to our house in the woods, to buy some grill items: food, charcoal, and firestarters. Poni loaded some desserts for him and I did put a cherry cake in our basket but then hesitated and told Poni to return it before we checked out. He asked me more than twice if I was sure that I want to return the cake. And I said, yes I am sure.

Oh boy, how I regretted that decision! 😀 By the way, we went to my favorite grocery Lidl. This is definitely not a sponsored post! Again, I am hesitant to name my favorite grocery in this post but I will make a dedicated blog post about groceries and stuff.

After we ate lunch, I told Poni I regretted making him return the cherry cake. It looked so fresh and luscious. It was just a simple yellow cake, topped with cherries and a lattice top pastry of some sort. You know, if you’re a girl you know when your period is about to come and you have these nasty cravings that you can’t really stop yourself from having. I know, TMI. 😀

So, we decided to go drop-by at Lidl on our way back in our flat and get the cake and Poni’s craving for some beer.

We went to Lidl and went straight to the beer section and we were taken aback with something funny.


The Savaged Pear

It is an eaten pear! We just can’t help but laugh out loud. It was almost empty inside so we just decided to laugh it all out. Poni took a couple of pictures. Here’s what we think happened: We assumed that the culprit is a child. The bite marks all around it are small. And that child perfectly grazed its teeth around the pear’s middle perimeter. The beer tower is the perfect height for him/her to leave the pear on. It was just a funny sight. We were thinking that the child must be really hungry or just got attracted by the sight of that pear. The pear looked perfect! 😀

Here are some more pictures:

bitten pear

bite marks

Poni, being a model citizen, told the cashier that we found an eaten pear. But as usual, she didn’t really care that much. Well, perhaps she doesn’t own Lidl and doesn’t really give a f*ck or perhaps have seen much worst than that. 😀

That’s it! Just a simple & silly post. Have you seen something like this in a grocery or anything that is weird or unusual? 😀

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  1. Poni says:

    Haha, a post about a pear. Unsupervised child with a craving for pears, recipe for disaster 😀 #Pearent Fail

  2. Not John says:

    I only see one piece of fruit in the picture

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