What’s In Store for BerryRaccoon on Twitch This Year?

That’s a long title! 😀

There’s a lot in store for my life in general this year and that means I won’t have too much of a time to dedicate on streaming. Twitch & streaming has been an amazing outlet for me last year. I’ve met some really nice & genuine people and I got to experience some highs & lows (most of them are highs though :D)

I am still working on my schedule for this year. I have a planned trip this month to the Philippines. But I think my schedule will be most likely be focused on the weekends. I know, people who have followed me since I started streaming are used to watching me streaming The Sims 4. This year it’ll be different. I will still have Sims 4 day/s, but I am planning on being Creative-Stream heavy and poker. I am planning 3-4 days streaming. Full details on my new stream line up and schedule will be coming soon. 🙂

But for now, I’ll be back today! And I am going to finish up the room requests that I’ve received from last year.

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