What I’m Up-To These Days

About a month ago, I started writing some cook books. I was able to write 3. And they’re all on sale at Amazon right now.

I quit my job last year, move to a new house, renovated it with our bare hands (still under construction till now), had a long vacation in the Philippines, busily writing stuff, being a wife and working on myself. I am self-employed right now. 😀

I’ll write more about that on my future posts.

Here’s what I’ve been up to these days:

  • Plowing and tilling our vegetable and flower patches. Toni and I decided to plant some vegetables and year-round flowering plants in our land. We ordered some seeds online from an “organic” store. It’s called Dreschflegel but we call it “Seedz”. If you have watched the movie “Our Idiot Brother”. Paul Rudd’s character has a recycled/homemade candle store called “Dripz”. The online store has similar aesthetics as to the “Dripz” store in the movie. Well, that’s just us. 😀 We find that funny. We ordered some Butternut and Hokkaido (squash) seeds, some funky looking zucchini, bright colored Chard, string beans and Honeydew Melon Pineapple (yep, a melon and a pineapple in one). The thing is I don’t have a “green thumb”, like for real for real. 😀 My mother-in-law have given me a chrysanthemum plant, a flowering vine plant and a citrus plant. Sadly, I’ve “killed” them all. I remembered when I was 13 we have this school project where in we have to plant a “Santan” (Ixora), and we have to take care of it. I also “killed” that one. So, good luck to me in this gardening project of ours. 🙂
  • Writing and editing books that will be part of my Happy Husband Series. I have initially planned 10 books. So far I have finished 3 and book 4 will be finished soon. I’m also writing 2 funny books that are not under the Happy Husband Series.
  • Trying out the Almased Diet.
  • Working-out everyday. 😀
  • Reading some stuff on Kindle and Archie in between.

That’s pretty much it, as of now. 🙂

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