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What I Googled The Past Few Days

I got the idea to write this post from someone on my stream. It reminded me of Casey Anthony searching for chloroform and some other incriminating things. It made me think what have I been really been googling online the past days/week. So here they are. I didn’t skip any. This is really it. Yes, I am a dweeb!

*These are the actual things I Googled the past days. In Chronological order (newest to oldest).

1.songs used for “Bad Tina” episode

– “Bad Tina” is a Season 2 Bob’s Burgers episode. It Is the episode where Tina’s erotic friend fiction novels were featured. There’s a scene where she’s wearing an 80’s aerobics outfit and touching butts and the song used is a song I’ve heard before, that I kind of like and don’t know what the title is. Watched the episode today so I NEED to know the title of that song so I can listen to it multiple times while working today. 😀 The song is “Fantasy” by Earth Wind and Fire.

bad tina

from Pinterest


2. spicy noodle challenge brand

spicy noodle challenge

Since I decided that Sundays will be “Social Eating Sunday” on my Twitch streams, I was looking for something interesting to eat on stream that is also enjoyable to eat, in a way. I’ve seen videos of this challenge for a year or two now.I don’t really remember the noodle brand. I live in grandma-town so the only place I can get this is on Amazon. So I ordered a pack of 5 and hopefully, it’ll arrive before Sunday. 😀 There’s an Asian store around here but they don’t even have spring roll wrappers. Meaning, they don’t have a lot of stuff, no Kimchi and some of the stuff they sell are already expired.

3. how many sims can fit in a sauna

sims sauna

I tried this “Hunger Games” in The Sims 4. And I came across a “Sauna Challenge”. I have more than 10 Sims in the household that I was playing with. There are 2 saunas in the lot and I was wondering how many Sims I can fit in there. Didn’t find the answer. It’s 6, just in case you’re also wondering 😀

4. tuyo lyrics (Narcos)

tuyo narcos

I love Narcos. One thing that I like about the show is that I never get tired of the intro. I like the song. I have it on one of my Spotify playlists and would love to be able to sing along properly whenever I am listening to it. That’s why I searched for the lyrics 😀

5. bonbons


I was just looking for the correct spelling of bonbons.

6. mein herz brennt rammstein lyrics


Again, I just want to be able to sing along correctly while I am working or working-out 😀 This is one of my current jams 😀 They’re such a good band. Other Rammstein songs in my “Tedious” playlist on Spotify are: Sonne, Ohne Dich and Führe Mich.

7. Groenendael dog


I am working on a very tedious task about dogs. So I am making sure I got the correct dog and the name is also spelled right.

8. peanut butter balls (not sexual at all)

peanut butter balls

I was working one day, then all of a sudden I have this craving for peanut butter balls. It was so sudden that I forgot to add “recipe” in my search. I haven’t tried peanut butter balls ever, but I was thinking it will taste like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Yes, we don’t have them here in Germany. The struggle was kind of real. I have a serious craving for peanut butter balls. But checking out the recipes, it makes me feel like I am gaining unnecessary weight from all the bad calories that the ingredients have 😀 So, the recipe is a no go. I will just imagine that I have tasted some peanut butter balls.

9. legal emulators


I’ve been wanting to play some Nintendo games for such a long time. But I just want to make sure that I won’t be doing anything that is illegal. If you already know me, I don’t like getting into trouble.

10. Weekend At Bernie’s 2

weekend at bernie's

Where do I start with this one? I talked about watching something that doesn’t make any sense for Bullentine’s Day. Weekend At Bernie’s didn’t make any sense. It is a stupid movie. So it baffled me why there’s a part 2. I wanted to know what’s up with the second part.

11. how do you call a princess-y attitude


I kind of regret adding this one here. But as I’ve said I won’t skip any. I wanted to know another term for “diva”. Because I am definitely not a diva and also not a princess. But I am very particular with personal hygiene. I don’t have OCD so I am not sure what I am really trying to look for here. 😀

12. 15 inches in pixels


I am designing a t-shirt print and just want to know the inch-pixel conversion.

13. brown rice recipes

brown rice

I love brown rice. So I am looking for one pot brown rice meals. That I can cook in bulk.

14. ideal weight for 5’10 1/2″ female

ideal weight

Yep, I came to a point in my life, when these kinds of things matter to me. 😀 I just want to make sure that I am good in that area.


I don’t think my search history is that weird. 😀 Nothing incriminating. 😀 Not that I am thinking of anything that is bad.

Anyhow, the spicy noodles arrived yesterday so it’s a go for Social Eating Sunday!

spicy noodles

The noodles and my “seductive” nails 😀

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