Tay's Clothes

Ultimate Housemates #24

Here are my viewers’ Sims that I’ve created last 18. October 2015:

1. RedPlumbobGames
This is the 1st viewer-sim that I’ve used CC (Custom Content) on. Toby requested for a Taylor Swift Sim. The hair I used is CC, and so are her everyday, sleep & party clothes. I don’t think she really looks like Taylor Swift. But when I was creating the Sim, I’ve got a lot of comments from viewers telling me that the Sim look like her. So, I guess, I did a good job? 😀

Tay's Clothes

2. Starbluelight

Star's Outfits

3. AnoumynouseV2


4. Butterflysims10

B's Outfits

5. ttbtoy

Boy's Clothes

6. Tomatosx

Lor's Outfits

7. o_OHei

O's Outfits

8. 13579Frenchtoast

French's Clothes

I’ve been using some CC. I only use Maxis match CC though. And I don’t use CC for viewer requested Sims & rooms. Unless requested by the person.

All Sims can be downloaded from the Sims Gallery: MalayaGH

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