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Thirty Two

*First off, this post is not a brag post or anything like that

Unlike, most people I get excited to turn a year older. I know, a lot of people dread it when their ages are not on the calendar anymore. For me, I see it as another year alive and another year of trying to make things happen. And just be thankful. A lot of people who are going through some sickness and wishing to have a longer life. So there’s really no reason for me, to dread turning 32.

I just had a really low-key celebration. Since my birthday fell on a Tuesday, Β we decided to take a short overnight trip to the closest big city, the weekend before my birthday. Poni is just too eager to use his camper/VW bus. πŸ˜€ We just hanged out in the city’s center, checked out some shops, bought a bucket, ate in an Indian restaurant and checked out an 80’s/90’s party.

It was just something really simple, we talked about all sorts of stuff, people-watched and just hanged out. It was REALLY important to be able to buy a bucket. Because I need somewhere to pee. We were not able to park somewhere kinda secluded since all the stuff we did is in the city. Poni’s bus has a bathroom, but he doesn’t have the solution you need for the toilet. I know, that I will not use the bucket but you’ll never know. πŸ˜€


Poni: My possessions *snickers*

Random fact:Β The bus is 30 years old and the Opel is 10+ years old. And these cars are 2nd-3rd hand, and are already paid for. πŸ˜€ They’re really old, but they function well. We’re just different, most people think we’re weird. But at least, we don’t buy brand new cars then have a bunch of debt. My mom told me about this law they want to pass in the Philippines, wherein automobiles that are 15 years old should not be allowed to be used anymore. WTF, is what I think about it. That is just some bull!! They should just regulate how many automobiles per person or household should have! I also don’t get how some Filipinos in the Philippines have European Union car plates. I saw a significant amount of cars in the Philippines with European Union car plates the last time I was there. I was wondering why and still wondering. πŸ˜€

I have to say, it was really comfortable inside. After, we ate dinner we stayed in the bus for a while, and I was so close to just staying inside and not check the dance party anymore. How I wish I stuck with that?! πŸ˜€

The 80’s/90’s thing is a disaster in a way. I am a real sucker for 80’s and early 90’s songs. But the DJ is just playing the sucky 80’s and no 90’s. We stayed for an hour and a half I think, and went back to the bus to sleep. I was really sleepy and the bed was so comfortable. I’ll make a “Poni’s Bus Tour” post soon. πŸ˜€

So yeah, that was the weekend. πŸ˜€ Just something simple.

On the day of my birthday, we did not do anything special. It was raining, I did not even cook anything special. Poni did pick up my “forced” cake. And we ate that. It was good like the past 2 years but this time, the lady in the store did not drop the cake like she did last year. We had “Forced Cake” written on the cake because it is somewhat forced. πŸ˜€ I just didn’t want to waste my “birthday wish”. πŸ˜€

forced cake

Weekdays to Saturday, I have my alarm set at 6:10 a.m. Usually, Poni wakes up earlier than me. But the past few days he has been watching late at night. But he made sure that he wakes up before me on my birthday. Truthfully, I was not expecting anything because we already took a weekend trip and also I did some online shopping already, kind of like my “Treat Yo’ Self” πŸ˜€

This is what I saw when I woke up and went outside our bedroom:

birthday surprise

I was happy upon seeing these. But then it makes me wonder how he pulled it off. Because I am the one who always gets our parcel/s and our neighbors’ too πŸ˜€ whenever the parcel dude rings. I deserve the “Best Neighbor Award” πŸ˜€

Just a quick background: I hate flowers or chocolate gifts and I don’t like any kind of jewelry, like super-girly gifts that most women like. So Poni gets me and he really is the best surprise giverΒ ever.

Here’s one of the gifts he gave to me for my 2010 birthday:


He gave this to me because he knows that the Dodo is my favorite extinct animal. πŸ˜€ Who has a favorite extinct animal? πŸ˜€ Well, the 2 of us do! And if you do have one, comment it below! πŸ˜€

Let me explain the gifts:

Stuffed Bear –Β as a child, it is one of my biggest wishes to have a Teddy Bear that is as big as I am. I think, my parents don’t like stuffed animals. Because it’s hot in the Philippines and dusty so stuffed toys will just collect dust. So, I never had a bear. And Poni knows that because I constantly make a comment when I am reminded of a Teddy Bear. Personally, I don’t have a desire to purchase one but Poni wants to fulfill some of my childhood wishes for fun. :D, By the way, we named the bear, Bunchy.

Tchibo Make-Up Brush Set –Β I think he bought this by accident in Poland. He knows how much I love Tchibo! It’s the kind of “they-need-to-start-paying-me” kind of love πŸ˜€ He asked me what I was looking for in Tchibo a few weeks ago. It was their brush pens, but he did not find any in Poland and found make-up brushes instead. So knowing, Poni, as long as it has a brush it’s good πŸ˜€ I already have 2 sets of make-up brushes they’ll be always useful.

Dymo Letratag (Label maker) –Β I have been eyeing this one for a long time. My mom has one and I tried it and I really like it. For someone, who is trying hard to stay organized and always mark my belongings this is perfect. It’s not like I have to ask permission from Poni whenever I made a purchase but since we have a common pot, I tell him whenever I’ll get something. And he told me that this is totally an unuseful purchase. But it’s up to me if I really want to get it. I have put it off. Since it is really not-of-the-essence-kind of an item. πŸ˜€ I could’ve gotten it but I flaked off on it. So yeah, now that I have this label maker, I’ll help him organize his stuff.

The day was spent grinding. Yes, I am giving poker a second chance. My sister, that I don’t get to talk to often called to greet me and talked. So I went inside our bedroom and talked to my sister. And when we are finished talking, this is what I saw outside the room:

acer monitior

So yeah, everything worked out for him, planning-wise. Since not a single item got delivered to me, he made sure he beats me to the door to picked up any parcels.

He knows that I have a hard time multi-tabling with my 17-inch laptop screen and he knows that I have plans to stream again, but he is using his own monitor almost all day every day, and when I was streaming he makes way for me to be able to use his monitor.

Those are my birthday surprises from Poni. And again, this is not me bragging, this is me spotlighting Poni’s excellent surprise-giving skillzzz. πŸ˜€

And I really appreciate everyone who has remembered me on my birthday and for all the birthday greetings. πŸ™‚ *heart*

By the way here’s a size comparison:


Bear-Bear is also from Poni. He won it from the claw machine last year. Again, it’s something from my childhood. I told him as a child, I always have this thing to go home from the amusement park and carrying some stuff toys that we won. It never happened, so he made it happen. πŸ˜€ And by the way, Bunchy has a life-like belly button πŸ˜€ It is so cute! πŸ™‚

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