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This is the complete quote list from my Twitch streams. I want to say thank you to my wonderful mods Charles, Keala, Tobs, Divs & Wolfieeeeee who have quoted all these. ? Giggling and laughing the whole time while collating all these. Brought back so many good memories!

0. “Cause it’s free, and I’m all about that free stuff!” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [03/10/2015]

1. “You gotta tell me… Do you have a girlfriend? Kappa ” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [03/10/2015]


3. “I don’t wanna get a Dora inspired haircut” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [06/10/2015]

4. “Where the sound is coming from, from my mouth” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [06/10/2015]

5. “Otay/Olay” -The Chat, as we all lost it Kappa

6. “Let me make out with Phil…I mean what?” -Wolfie [The Sims 4] [09/10/2015]

7. *Keala swallows key* ” WutFace ” -Entire Chat [The Sims 4] [10/10/2015]

8. “He is buying me pads and i was trying to explain what to get and he was whispering the whole time” -Story Time with Wolfie 🙂 [The Sims 4] [10/10/2015]

9. “NO NO NO! I won’t sellout!” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [10/10/2015]

10. “[bla bla bla] skank…” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [10/10/2015]

11. “I won’t ever show some skin… I’ll never wear a V-neck on stream! That’s too much Kappa ” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [11/10/2015]

12. “I’m Oprah for Berries” -Toby [The Sims 4] [11/10/2015]

13. “play bitch!!” (*say *** with a gangster tone*) -Malaya [The Sims 4] [11/10/2015]

14. *Malaya reaching for the screen in anger/excitement* [The Sims 4] [11/10/2015]

15. *intense role play fighting between Keala, Toby and Wolfie…* [The Sims 4] [12/10/2015]

16. “When I eat a banana, I have to go down” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [13/10/2015]

17. “Two hand job” -Malaya

18. “I’d say you’re thirsty, not hungry” -Klaudia [The Sims 4] [13/10/2015]

19. “I have a skank’ allergy Kappa ” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [13/10/2015]

20. “Keala, don’t be Jews OpieOP ” -Toby trying to say lewd, but autocorrect

21. “Who’s Berry Raccoon?” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/10/2015]

22. “You know how much I talk” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/10/2015]

23. “What if you have to go boom boom?” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [20/10/2015]

24. “excuse my word… Fart” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [20/10/2015]

25. “Toby just likes to 69 Keepo ” -Wolfie [The Sims 4] [23/10/2015]

26. “I hope I’m not quoted Kappa ” -Pixel1cube [The Sims 4] [23/10/2015]

27. “Got minor poisoning” *giggles* -Malaya [The Sims 4] [23/10/2015]

28. “In the bedroom, you only speak German? Is that a fetish?” -Keala to Malaya [The Sims 4] [23/10/2015]

29. testing, testing. one two three. [The Sims 4] [23/10/2015]

30. “A big package then :D” -Keala [The Sims 4] [23/10/2015]

31. Come in and out any time you want. – Malaya [The Sims 4] [23/10/2015]

32. “Reverse for me. Reverse for me.” Kappa [The Sims 4] [24/10/2015]

33. “I’ve just been watching gay fetish Niko, nothing to be confused about..” [The Sims 4] [24/10/2015]

34. “Assassin’s Creed is basically “sneaky sneaky kill-y kill-y” OpieOP ” -Toby

35. “YAAAAAAS! NEW QUOTES!!! 😀 ” -Toby [The Sims 4] [25/10/2015]

36. “There’s a purge button?” *stares at screen and drops notebook like she just won the lottery* -Malaya [The Sims 4] [25/10/2015]

37. “You got me at cheap.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [26/10/2015]

38. “Clawwww-dia” -Malaya pronouncing Klaudia’s name [The Sims 4] [27/10/2015]

39. “I’m a CC virgin” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [27/10/2015]

40. “Sometimes I feel a bit weird saying stool, as it reminds me of poop.” – Malaya [The Sims 4] [27/10/2015]

41. “I said I’m not gonna mention it again, but I’m sorry I’m mentioning it again” -Malaya

42. “DO THE HONEY BOO BOO BOP!” —Honey Boo Boo Childddd. [The Sims 4] [28/10/2015]

43. “I’m gonna regret saying this” *proceeds to say the story* -Malaya [The Sims 4] [28/10/2015]

44. “I’m not looking at the chat cause I’m embarrassed” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [28/10/2015]

45. “GUYS! Let’s not make Malaya feel bad! Kappa We need to start saying stupid things too Keepo ” -Toby [The Sims 4] [30/10/2015]

46. “Dad, stop calling, I’m sinning!!” -Jared when he read a fanfiction of his stream once [The Sims 4] [30/10/2015]

47. “MALAYA! YOU’RE IN THE WAY OF THE DOOR! FailFish ” -Toby [Layers of Fear] [31/10/2015]

48. “I’m sucking at this right now” -Malaya [Layers of Fear] [31/10/2015]

49. “…because firewood is expensive” -Malaya [The Vanishing of Ethan Carter] [07/11/2015]

50. “I wish you lived near me Jared, so I could use your firewood Kappa ” -Charles [The Vanishing of Ethan Carter] [07/11/2015]

51. “Failing is fun” -Klaudia [The Vanishing of Ethan Carter] [07/11/2015]

52. *rants/complaint* “… I’m not complaining” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [08/11/2015]

53. “Toby! Charles! Can you smell the plastic?” (Toby and Charles are across the ocean from Malaya) -Malaya [The Sims 4] [08/11/2015]

54. *Toby’s daily spamming* [] [11/11/2015]

55. “This is now Squidward: := Kappa ” -Toby [The Sims 4] [22/11/2015]

56. “Never expose your neck Malaya! It would be too much for Twitch Keepo ” -Wolfie [The Sims 4] [23/11/2015]

57. “I find them scary, the Disney princesses. They wear a lot of makeup.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [23/11/2015]

58. “I’m such a creeper.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [28/11/2015]

59. “Charles is hunky” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [05/12/2015]

60. “He came from a broken home” *giggles* -Malaya [The Sims 4] [06/12/2015]

61. “I tend to fart in public. If I’m shopping at a store like Target I will keep moving and crop dust areas so you can’t tell its me. Kappa ” -Charles [The Sims 4] [06/12/2015]

62. “I just want to clarify, I don’t have a hand fetish” (Keala) “suuuurrreee Kappa ” (Entire Chat) [Creative] [12/12/2015]

63. “That sounds long and hard Kappa ” -Toby [Poker] [10/01/2016]

64. “Are you together now? Where are you sleeping OpieOP ” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [04/09/2016]

65. “One show I’ve been really into is Hardcore Porn” (she meant Hardcore Pawn) – Malaya [The Sims 4] [04/09/2016]

66. “I’m in Israel in my Owen” -Divs [The Sims 4] [04/09/2016]

67. “…The last time we talked” [10 months ago] -Malaya [The Sims 4] [04/09/2016]

68. “Is match(dot)com [Dating site] free?” -Malaya [who is married] [The Sims 4] [04/09/2016]

69. “NALAYA” -Toby [The Sims 4] [04/09/2016]

70. “I’d bang Caleb. In a heartbeat. Like a door in a hurricane Kappa ” -Toby talking about PLL [The Sims 4] [06/09/2016]

71. “everAYYYYbAAAAddayyyyy” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [11/09/2016]

72. ” Kappa the woooOoOoOooOoOOOOOoooOoOoOoOooommmmb” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [11/09/2016]

73. “Skanks will flock.” — Malaya [The Sims 4] [11/09/2016]

74. “I’m not stalking but I’m a creeper.” — Malaya [The Sims 4] [11/09/2016]

75. “Every Wednesday it’s hardcore pawn day.” — Malaya [The Sims 4] [14/09/2016]

76. “I was in a class with a boy who was born in 2001…. and suddenly I felt ANCIENT!” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [25/09/2016]

77. “I got lost watching Lost” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [25/09/2016]

78. “Malaya’s that grandma on Facebook who has all your friends as friends and you don’t know who she is but she’s still in your friend list Kappa ” “That’s a perfect description of me” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [25/09/2016]

79. “…….straight” [out of nowhere] “I’m not straight Kappa ” -Toby [The Sims 4] [25/09/2016]

80. “What size vibrator do you want Keala? A large?” “No I want to be able to walk” -Keala [The Sims 4] [25/09/2016]

81. “It’s not deep enough for my husband.” – Malaya [The Sims 4] [29/09/2016]

82. “I have a fear that the straw will melt if it’s in a hot drink… And I don’t want to drink melted plastic” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [01/10/2016]

83. “I am gong to collect some skulls tomorrow” BerryRaccoon [The Sims 4] [06/10/2016]

84. “She is so skinny. And I didn’t say that out of anger.” [The Sims 4] [07/10/2016]

85. “very klaudi weather” -Klaudia [The Sims 4] [08/10/2016]

86. “and I have to pee so bad because it’s cold!!” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [08/10/2016]

87. “usually I stay outside… and hunt for sims” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [08/10/2016]

88. “this is the first time I’ve seen fire spread…. so I’ll just stare at it” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [08/10/2016]

89. “I call that butt funk. That is what you sniff accidentally. Butt funk.” [The Sims 4] [16/10/2016]

90. “Some people blow [their nose] so hard that I feel like parts of their brain will come off on the tissue” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [23/10/2016]

91. “…it smells like desperation and sweat” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [23/10/2016]

92. “Cause I like to play with fire. Like literal fire. Not temptation or anything.” [The Sims 4] [27/10/2016]

93. “Oh TNA… it’s like MMA or something” [The Sims 4] [30/10/2016]

94. “batdaddy” “that sounds kinky… I like it Kappa ” -Toby [The Sims 4] [30/10/2016]

95. “I’m a friendly stalker. If there’s such thing, I’m a friendly stalker.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [30/10/2016]

96. “OMG everyone is so young. Young but legal. Young but legal.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [30/10/2016]

97. “Wow… where did my sentence composing skill went?” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [30/10/2016]

98. “Ahhh the shed. The shed is what bonded us together.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [30/10/2016]

99. “They [Wolfie’s dogs] are little shits, but they are my little shits.” -Wolfie

100. “You know… Hoes are everywhere” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [06/11/2016]

101. “I had a package that took 2 months to come” -Jared [The Sims 4] [12/11/2016]

102. “that’s the last priority you should be prioritizing… yeah” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [13/11/2016]

103. “trying to live my shrimp fantasies through you” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [13/11/2016]

104. “omg someone might hear that. Breast is the best.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [13/11/2016]

105. “I would hurt a fly. Because they poop on stuff and it turns to maggots.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [24/11/2016]

106. “I would hurt a fly! Because they poop on stuff and it turns into maggots” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [24/11/2016]

107. “What is spinal fusion? I imagine they make a hole in the spine and fluid comes out. Maybe I’m just thinking about food.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [24/11/2016]

108. “I can remember stupid birthdays of people I hate but I can’t read maps.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [24/11/2016]

109. “When we got Noodles we had no idea what to call her and the night we got her we had a Chinese. And we went into the kitchen and Cindy was sucking noodles (the food) of the kitchen bench lol.” -Keala [The Sims 4] [24/11/2016]

110. “I don’t know if he is eves dropping. I don’t want to say anything too nice about him because he might be able to hear me” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [26/11/2016]

111. “How did the two of you become cousins?” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [26/11/2016]

112. “Im trying to have a bedroom voice of some sort” -Malaya “SUUUUUUUUUUUURREEEEEEEEEE” -everyone thinking [The Sims 4] [10/12/2016]

113. ‘Don’t stain the sheets!’ [with period blood] — Malaya [The Sims 4] [26/11/2016]

114. “I’d like to get scented candles… *whispers* but Poni believes they cause cancer.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [26/11/2016]

115. “He has sonar hearing. Even when I fart at night he can hear me. Even when I try to mask it.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [26/11/2016]

116. “There’s no element of surprise anymore, unless I fart in his face.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [26/11/2016]

117. “Warning this will be graphic or gross or TMI because we sleep on a mattress and mattresses are usually white and when I have my period I always worry about… leaking… blood… and it’s just so gross anyhow I now regret that I even mentioned that…” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [27/11/2016]

118. “I’m gonna sub right now… because I love your voice….. And you have facial hair” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [27/11/2016]

119. “Portrait of a naked lady?.. I love art” -Johnny [The Sims 4] [01/12/2016]

120. “I’ve got Netflix… but nobody to chill with” -Jay [The Sims 4] [01/12/2016]

121. “Ill just **shut up**” -Malaya “suuuureeeeee” -Toby thinking [The Sims 4] [10/12/2016]

122. “Im trying to have a bedroom voice of some sort” -Malaya “SUUUUUUUUUUUURREEEEEEEEEE” -everyone thinking [The Sims 4] [10/12/2016]

123. “I feel like Klaudia is opening up… so might as well interview her” -Malaya [Creative] [11/12/2016]

124. “I have snapchat but I don’t know how to use it…. so I just let it rot in my phone” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/12/2016]

125. “I’m trying to recall my memories of my first 24 hour stream… How I survived it…” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/12/2016]

126. “Everyone knows Keala so well…. except for me.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/12/2016]

127. “It’s just here, because its grandma town! So yeah…” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/12/2016]

128. “Scratching your feet? I hope you don’t have any foot allergies.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [17/12/2016]

129. “[Poni]He’s gonna have some trouble sleeping without me in bed with him… For comfort, not for other reasons” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/12/2016]

130. “I guess it’s just me who is a spiteful raccoon” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/12/2016]

131. “I kinda want to…you know… have a banana” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/12/2016]

132. “Just enter the room code. But my face is covering the room code. That is bad. I should move my face.” -Mimi [Drawful 2] [18/12/2016]

133. ‘I hope you don’t get diarrhoea.’ – Malaya [Drawful 2] [18/12/2016]

134. “It makes me so gassy I guess talking for hours.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

135. “Just watch the roller coaster roll.” – Malaya [Planet Coaster] [18/12/2016]

136. “I think she’s American. Don’t quote me on it.” – marie2193 [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

137. ‘Andrew I looove your hair, it looks so soft! I want to run my hands through it all daay!’ – Divs Kappa [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

138. ‘Selfies have hair.’ – Malaya [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

139. ‘He bathes in the milk of organic animals.’ – Charles [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

140. ‘Only tarts wear v necks. Wait. I wear v necks.’ – Charles [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

141. ‘Poni man it’s so cruel. They get bigger cause of milk but then you can’t enjoy them. I’m not even joking.’ – Charles (talking about breasts) [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

142. “Hello? Yeah my hair is not feeling as fabulous as it usually does today. I’m not going to come into work.” – Charles as Andrew [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

143. “It will seal everything.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

144. “Jared is upset I hired a lumpy body dude. It’s all my fault. I’m going to fix that mistake.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

145. “I need a Toby.” -Charles [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

146. ‘Ok now everyone imagine Andrew river dancing in a river with fabulously wet hair.’ [Tasty Blue] [18/12/2016]

147. “tidturit minded” -Keala [Tasty Blue] [18/12/2016]

148. “Niht Carleus” -Keala [Tasty Blue] [18/12/2016]

149. “borlog means delirious” -Keala [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

150. ‘2wgats Kj d?’ – Divs [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

151. ‘Yep, I kept losing my friends.’ 😀 – Leah [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

152. ‘Funny pervs.’ – Malaya [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

153. ‘For all the things you do for them, you deserve some stolen food.’ – Malaya to Johnny [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

154. “So many nipple stuff happend during the time Jared was here” -Malaya [Tasty Blue] [18/12/2016]

155. “Oh, no! You don’t have to dance in “Just >>Dance<< ” -Debs [Tasty Blue] [18/12/2016]

156. “If people fall asleep on stream, people spam them with donations” ” Kappa Malaya sell yourself out! Pretend to sleep! We mods wanna get paid!!” -Toby [Tasty Blue] [18/12/2016]

157. “I’m a good girl” -Malaya [Quiplash] [18/12/2016]

158. “Wanna say that sh*t to my favs? Kappa ” -Keala [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

159. “It’s not like I don’t like you easy it’s like I like you easy.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

160. “When I say small it is like ginormous.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

161. “I like how Malaya tryin to fit in all this simming after talking for 23 hours and 50 minutes. Kappa ” -Charles [The Sims 4] [18/12/2016]

162. “[Malaya skimming the chat] Booty call?! Who has a booty call??” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [29/12/2016]

163. “Toby’s gay fantasies? OUUUUUUUU” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [29/12/2016]

164. “Ok we won’t look at the back. We will look at the front. We won’t look at the back.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [31/12/2016]

165. “It’s my New Years resolution to finish this waterfall” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [01/01/2017]

166. “Now every time I see you, Toby, I just have a clear picture of your leg and knee” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [05/01/2017]

167. “It is Jim! I mean him[Toby]” -Divs [The Sims 4] [05/01/2017]

168. “I swear your glasses get bigger every Stream, Malaya” -Oku [The Sims 4] [05/01/2017]

169. “I forgot to ask Debs, how are your earlobes?” -Malaya [The Sims 3] [06/01/2017]

170. “I’m not excited for toast…I mean those” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [14/01/2017]

171. “Hey Keala…. is it true you have an ivy fetish” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [14/01/2017]

172. “When you’re a girl you get your ears pierced first thing out of the womb.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [14/01/2017]

173. “G U KNIT is that 50cent’s group? Is that his unit?” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [14/01/2017]

174. ‘I don’t know how old I am..’ – Malaya [The Sims 4] [14/01/2017]

175. “He is darker than me. Chocolate brown but now dirty brown.” [The Sims 4] [14/01/2017]

176. “When we were kids we used to have super violent fights. Like stabbing.” -Mimi OG [The Sims 4] [16/01/2017]

177. ‘I’m wearing a turtleneck with the buttons all the way up so there’s no chance for cleavage..’ — Malaya [The Sims 4] [28/01/2017]

178. *random word muted* “Muted?? “Who’s muted?? Am I muted!?!?” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [28/01/2017]

179. *Debbie’s browser zooms in to 200%* ‘What?! You can see everything now Debbie? Even my pores?!’ — Malaya [The Sims 4] [28/01/2017]

180. ‘Robbing people is the most adorable thing ever.’ —Jared [The Sims 4] [28/01/2017]

181. “i will play with you… OH I hope that doesn’t sound sexual” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [28/01/2017]

182. “Oh thank you for the gift Fourdown! You should send me your address” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [28/01/2017]

183. *sinks into her turtleneck* ‘Be a turtle.’ —Malaya [The Sims 4] [28/01/2017]

184. *randomly shouts “GOOD THING I DIDNT POOP DEBBIE”* -Malaya [The Sims 4] [28/01/2017]

185. “Dora is swagalicious” -Debbie [The Sims 4] [28/01/2017]

186. “The largest bill is 1000.” -Malaya “1000 zomg!” -Everyone “Its like 20 bucks.” -Malaya “Well damn lol.” -Everyone [The Sims 4] [28/01/2017]

187. ‘I will check that out in seven minutes, Wolfie.’ —Malaya [The Sims 4] [28/01/2017]

188. “D*ck pics are fun” -Jared [The Sims 4] [29/01/2017]

189. “I’ve never had hickies because I am a grandma in a 32 year old body.” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [29/01/2017]

190. “I just drooled.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [03/02/2017]

191. “Why did I drool over chickfights.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [03/02/2017]

192. “I feel I can experiment with my body.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [03/02/2017]

193. “…im not picking my nose” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [04/02/2017]

194. ‘Do you see how smooth my snooping is?’ -Malaya [The Sims 4] [05/02/2017]

195. “I’m too dark. I have big kneecaps.” [The Sims 4] [10/02/2017]

196. “hahahahaha! growing up i always say how i wish i was a boy, just because of the certain things that only girls go through not because i have lesbian tendencies” -Johnny Kappa [The Sims 4] [10/02/2017]

197. ‘I’m like the queen of creepers.’ -Malaya [The Sims 4] [10/02/2017]

198. “I think I’m selling you to someone.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [10/02/2017]

199. ‘I’ve tasted much worse things than sweat. WutFace ‘ -Charles [The Sims 4] [10/02/2017]

200. ‘And I refuse to eat the booty.’ Kappa -Charles [The Sims 4] [10/02/2017]

201. “I used to make toilet paper congee.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [10/02/2017]

202. ‘I drool because of girl fights.’ -Malaya [The Sims 4] [10/02/2017]

203. “I gotta turn the oven on, melt the cheese, and eat the cheese. I hope I don’t throw up.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [10/02/2017]

204. “Huh? She watched it with a horse (Poni)?” -Charlotte [The Sims 4] [11/02/2017]

205. “its a butt cuddle OpieOP ” -Andrew [The Sims 4] [11/02/2017]

206. “But the cheese.. it didn’t happen” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [11/02/2017]

207. ‘I have pictures of cheese instead of my face’ -Malaya [The Sims 4] [11/02/2017]

208. “Wow cheese sells.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [11/02/2017]

209. ‘It will be an honour for you to eat my leftovers.’ — Malaya [Social Eating] [12/02/2017]

210. “I’m a harmless creeper.” -Malaya [Social Eating] [12/02/2017]

211. “Let’s do Tyler” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/02/2017]

212. “IS THAT YOUR SHOULDER MALAYA? Kappa ” *Malaya bends sideways so that her shoulder is off the facecam* [The Sims 4] [17/02/2017]

213. “guys if we call her beautiful while she’s burning sims she loses her mind” -FLGShadow [The Sims 4] [17/02/2017]

214. ‘Let’s zoom in on Johnny’s hips!’ -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/02/2017]

215. ‘I don’t want to hurt my ovaries.’ – Malaya [911 Fire Rescue] [03/03/2017]

216. ‘My toe thumb is the same size as Poni’s hand thumb..’ – Malaya [IRL] [11/03/2017]

217. “I don’t know if this will fit in my mouth” -Malaya [Social Eating] [12/03/2017]

218. “I wish fat would go to my behind instead of my thighs. Since I’m asian i wasn’t gifted in the behind” -Malaya [Social Eating] [12/03/2017]

219. “I swear when I move, I won’t stream for 2/3 weeks MAX!! I PROMISE!!” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [17/03/2017]

220. ‘Boom, boom in the bathroom.’ – Malaya [Social Eating] [26/03/2017]

221. “Am I turning into Lil Jon? Yeah!” -Lil Mimi [The Sims 4] [31/03/2017]

222. *whispers*”I gotta make sure he’s not here.” *leaves**comes back**continues to whisper*”He’s not here.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [31/03/2017]

223. “I am a great wife! Yes I am a great wife.” -Malaya The Great [IRL] [01/04/2017]

224. “Carry a washing machine til their ovaries hurt.” -Malaya The Great [IRL] [01/04/2017]

225. “I think my husband will be the dog today and eat my leftovers.” —Malaya [Social Eating] [02/04/2017]

226. “You can stroke my face… but don’t bother me.” —Malaya

227. “I wanna be caressed… by so many hands.” —Malaya [Social Eating] [02/04/2017]

228. “I am stroking my food baby right now.” —Malaya [Social Eating] [02/04/2017]

229. “I’m so snoopy.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [07/04/2017]

230. “Why am I stroking my weave right now?” -Mimi [The Sims 4] [07/04/2017]

231. “Poni asked what kind of car I’m using and I said I don’t know a black thingamajiggy.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [07/04/2017]

232. “Sweet potatoes make you fart like beans but they are very good for you.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [07/04/2017]

233. “Creeper Malaya is starting to get out. I’m sorry.” -Creeper Malaya [The Sims 4] [07/04/2017]

234. “I’m thirsty for someone who is tall.” -Malaya [IRL] [08/04/2017]

235. “It’s like I farted out some love.” -Charles Kappa [Social Eating] [09/04/2017]

236. “It’s like a peanut. A walnut. And I kinda want to keep it safe.” -Malaya The Master Of Analogies (though I’m not sure what she was trying to say Kappa ) [The Sims 4] [14/04/2017]

237. “my moms bestfriend middle daughter who i grow up with who is my little cousin mom had moved in my cousins girlfriend is best friends with my little cousins mom” -Tyler or Dark Helmet [The Sims 4] [14/04/2017]

238. “I’m not wearing plaid today because I have to do plaid planning.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [14/04/2017]

239. “Whatever it is that you put inside you leaked.” (Idk what she was talking about and I don’t really want to know) [The Sims 4] [14/04/2017]

240. “That is too much. Don’t expect me to try for a baby on stream.” -Malaya [The Sims 4] [14/04/2017]

241. “I collect family members TheThing ” -Charles [The Sims 4] [14/04/2017]

242. “I don’t want to be sweat balls.” -Sweaty Malaya [The Sims 4] [14/04/2017]

243. ” when someone tickles me too much I fart so please don’t tickle me.” – malaya [The Sims 4] [14/04/2017]

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