My Viewers' Rooms

Rooms for My Viewers #3

Here are my viewers' rooms that I've built on stream last 29. Aug.2015: 9. Loversimsdog - a mint green & modern bedroom 10. Babysniper_2015 - a suburban style bedroom with dark blue & white color scheme 11. Awesomenessisawesomeness - a blue & white bedroom with a modern & cozy vibe 12. Elliott1121 - a bedroom with green & white color…read more
My Viewers as Sims

Ultimate Housemates #18

Toby's Outfits
Here's the part 2 of my viewers as Sims last 23. August. 2015 :) It's just pure coincidence that everyone's favorite color is red. I was actually kind of challenged to create their Sims because I have to somehow individualise each of their outfits. But...I still had fun creating their Sims. :) There are only 4 people in this household,…read more

1000 Followers Giveaway Winner

rolled up names
I've originally wanted to use Rafflecopter for this giveaway. But there's no option to just enter everyone who have subscribed to my newsletter without doing anything. I decided to just do a manual raffle. I will pick the 2 winners on my stream today (25. Aug. 2015). I don't want the people who have subscribed to my newsletter to do…read more
My Viewers as Sims

Ultimate Housemates #15

Loading's Outfits
Here are the viewers' Sims I've created last Sunday (16. Aug. 2015), with their everyday, formal, athletic, sleeping, party & swim outfits. 1. Jmore1738 2. GirlyGamerll 3. Loversimsdog 4. Kamron 5. Cusi1995 6. lllllllloadingllllllll 7. JackBlade 8. Eth_j If you want to download your sim just look me up in the Sims Gallery: MalayaGHread more
Sims Backstories

Aliens with Backstories

Alien Poni
I've created this household on one of my streams some time around end of June. These Sim-aliens don't really have backstories. :D I don't how, it came out like this. These alien-Sims are based off on some of my regular viewers on Twitch, myself and Poni included. Before I delve into their "backstories", I have to say that they're completely…read more