Sims Backstories

The Love Nest / The Shed

The wedding invitation came first before the engagement. The first kiss happened on the 1st attempt, so is the wedding proposal. This is indeed a match made in heaven. :) The wedding have happened. The wedding party was a success (according to the game) :D Keala and Niko are now married. The wedding theme is pink & white. The wedding…read more

No Stream Today and Tomorrow

Because of Poni's birthday, I will not be streaming today (12. Sept. 2015) and tomorrow (13. Sept. 2015). It'll be my 1st Saturday & Sunday that I won't be streaming for the last 3 months. :D I had some anxiety. I know, it's silly. :D I think it'll be nice to have a 2 day break from streaming. I'll be…read more
My Viewers' Rooms

Rooms for My Viewers #4

Art Studio
Here are my viewers' rooms that I've built last Saturday, 05. Sept. 2015: 14. Jmoliterno12 She actually sent me 2 room requests. I just combined the 2 and built this. Unfortunately, I was not able to change the mannequins' clothing because I'm in free build mode. 16. RedPlumbobGames An office for Toby! :D I find this room interesting, because it…read more

Quiplash-ing Last Sunday

I am a frugal person, especially when it comes to my games. As I've mentioned before my 1st love when it comes to games is The Sims. Since I started playing The Sims (Sims 1), I've been saving my money (allowance, birthday money, Christmas money etc.) to buy base games and expansion packs. I've been streaming on Twitch since 08.…read more