It’s Not Comedy

backstreet boys
It's Not Comedy I listen to all sorts of music types/genre, mostly I go for the type of music that my favorite singer/songwriter/bands make. I think, this happened 2 months ago (and yeah boo me, so lame that I'm blogging about this now). We have Netflix and there are moments where in you have binge-watched all of your favorite shows…read more
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New Year’s Eve

New Year!
Last year I've spent New Year's Eve in the plane, on my way to the Philippines. I think I landed an hour after midnight and have spent a good 45 minutes to an hour getting my passport stamped and waiting for my luggage at the carousel. I got picked up by my sister-in-law and the driver. It was between 1-2…read more

Christmas 2015

We usually spend Christmas or New Year up in the air, travelling to the Philippines. This year, like last year we've spent it here in Germany. We're not big Christmas people. We don't decorate, exchange gifts and all that. When I was young of course, I was really always excited. For me Christmas means family, so once I see my…read more