My Calligraphy Loot

calligraphy stuff
I've been wanting to try calligraphy for the longest time! :D I'm all about it. But unfortunately, I don't have much time to devote on it. We are always last-minute-y. So now, we are swamped with stuff to do but we still find time to procrastinate, Netflix and watch a bunch of fail videos on YouTube. I am actually really…read more

Winter Looming

Female Scarf
Yesterday, on my stream I've started knitting a scarf using a knitting loom. That was my 2nd time using a knitting loom. I've already knitted a scarf for Poni late last year. My knitting loom has 24 pegs (I think). I only used 12 pegs for this one. Looking at it now, how I wish I used 8. The scarf…read more

My Hobbies

I have a lot of hobbies, but it mostly involves anything that is creative. I am currently into soaping right now. But some of my other hobbies are: paper crafts, looming, coloring, cooking, writing and reading. I am planning to take some knitting lessons, but before that I will try to learn how to hand knit. I just hope that…read more