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My 24-Hour Twitch Stream

My 24-hour Twitch stream, will be tomorrow Saturday, July 11 2015! Last 08. July 2015, marked my 1st whole month of streaming at Twitch. During that first month, I had a 100 followers-giveaway. Now, I have more than 400 followers and more than 3,000 views. I'm pretty happy about that. But more than the followers and views, I'm very happy…read more

I’m “Twitch-ing”

Hi everyone! :) Just a quick "life update". I've been awfully quiet in Facebook, because I decided to really "focus" on my blog and the other online shenanigans that I do everyday. I've been streaming on Twitch for more than a week now. I mainly stream The Sims 4, but will also start with Poker very soon, as soon as…read more