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Rooms for My Viewers #4

Here are my viewers’ rooms that I’ve built last Saturday, 05. Sept. 2015:

14. Jmoliterno12
She actually sent me 2 room requests. I just combined the 2 and built this. Unfortunately, I was not able to change the mannequins’ clothing because I’m in free build mode.

Jade's Bedroom

16. RedPlumbobGames
An office for Toby! 😀 I find this room interesting, because it has to be cluttered, has to have a relaxation/meditation corner and an art corner. I had fun building this one and of course it took me more time than when I build a bedroom. 🙂

Office Space

17. Micem_
An art studio for Keala with mint and neutrals color scheme. I think it’s my first time to build an art studio. I really like how this one turned out. It turned out very pretty and soft in the eyes.

Art Studio

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